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Quite clever actually

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Do not feed the reaper

I'd never have expected this!

Quite clever actually

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Yup, me too... it's a shame April 1 is a Sunday really, otherwise the Guide team could have put up a phony article on the front page on the day smiley - biggrin

Quite clever actually

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Dancing Ermine

And me. smiley - smiley

Ssh Peregrin, don't be giving them ideas for next year smiley - winkeye

Quite clever actually

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me too

they should make april fools day one of those holidays that changes dates (like thanksgiving) so that it always has to fall on a weekday... there are so many more pranks that an evil chap like me smiley - biggrin can pull on a weekday!

Quite clever actually

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The Almost Thirteen Hitchhiker Freak

egeh! if I had been at school... I would be at school. Never mind. I may have been able to pull lots of terrible things on my "favorite" teacher, whom I would love to see with vinager instead of water (she actually sends us out to go get her refreshments, it would be so easy, but I'd be caught immediatly so it's probably best), but I would have been fooled by the two hundred seventh graders who hate me. you know, people coming up to me and telling me that my copy of hitchhiker's has been torn up or something... *shudder*

Quite clever actually

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Researcher 170889

I like the idea of variable dates for AF day, but not because it would fall on a week day. Think how few would be wary enough to avoid victimaization, if AF day fell randomly. Especially if the date were not announced...

Quite clever actually

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When you said you'd never have expected this, I really hope you were being sarcastic. We're looking for something entertaining here.

Quite clever actually

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We wouldn't have expected it because we were lulled into a false sense of security. These guys are *telling* us about pranks, right? Rofl, that *was* clever.

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