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From a visiting drivers perspective Derby is like Hotel California,
you can check out whenever you like, but you can never leave.
I suppose it's too much to hope for that anyone that matters in the Derby council road planning department would spend their off hours
reading H2G2......but perhaps a friend of a friend of a friend might
accidentally pass this on. Derby locals won't understand this,
because their local familiarity will have long rendered them immune
to their road signs, but for budding visiting drivers I would pen
this short warning. THE INNER CITY Ring Road is a misnomer. Any
normal Town City Planner on a salary of £20,000-£30,000 or above
would by now have made up for this lapse by at least colour
coding signs and colour coding lines on streets or buildings, in a
similar vein to the DH Lawrence Trail in nearby Eastwood. The INNER
RINGROAD is neither a RING nor one ROAD. It is a cheap and nasty
substitute, costing nothing to implement.This is because it is a whole
series of pasted together roads at odd angles, that have signs with
conflicting destinations and directions , yet all miraculously with
the same road number. We've done the trail on its own and also with
the aid of a local small red map, and my wife and I have to admit to
the RINGROAD's inherent genius of malevolence....in that it makes
no difference with or without aid, there's no way that you're going
to drive out of that city even-tempered.


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Never enter Derby!!

You will never leave, the signs were readable at one point but not know.

Theres nothing really there any way

P.S. Derby's a city not a town

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