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Jimi X


A little essay that sprang up while working on the Lost Treasures of Pennsylvania entry. A fun little romp into the life and times of an unsavoury Pennsylvania and a folk hero around the Carlisle, Pennsylvania area.

Cheers! smiley - stout

- Jimi X

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Jimi X

C'mon, he's an outlaw who repents at the last minute. But dies before he can tell the location of his hidden treasure.

It's not bad, honest!

smiley - winkeye

A516269 - 'Robber' Lewis

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Another amazing one....

But, Jimi, don't you think people will start to catch on if I keep nominating your entries month after month?

smiley - smiley

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Mr. Cogito

Likewise. I love the Pennsylvania entries, but I just can't keep nominating them at the rate you produce them. smiley - winkeye Besides, it makes me feel guilty there aren't more entries for my locale...


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Jimi X


It's not my fault - I simply discovered I had a fair amount of free time on my hands from January 25 to March 13. smiley - winkeye

Thanks for the kind words. I'll stop writing entries and get back to work on my University of Life project. smiley - smiley

- X

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Oooo...I like Robin Hood stories. This is a neat bit of folklore. Hope it gets into the Guide smiley - smiley

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Hiya Jimi! smiley - smiley

smiley - bubbly

Yep, this one's finally Guide-bound! smiley - smiley And to all you Scouts out there, go find a different Jimi X Pennsylvania entry to recommend! smiley - winkeye

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Jimi X

Cheers! smiley - bubbly

Actually, I remained true to my word and finished my University project on the Philanthropy of Milton S. Hershey (a famous Pennsylvania son).

Now if only Mark would do the final edit on it... smiley - winkeye


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