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Stray royalty...

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However : if, as you postulate, there can be no Rq-particle without its corresponding Rk-particle, what will happen if we stumble upon unwed royalty ? Will the system collapse, will the Earth be replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable ?


Stray royalty...

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No, I point out that the Rq particle is *usually* created via the mediation of an Rk particle - for example when an existing king dies (terminally) and the heir becomes queen. Alternatively, the king is the last of his generation - and so the holder of an Rk particle - but he has only female children (princesses). Under UK type royalty constraints, this forces the oldest princess to instantly aqcuire not only a split infinitive but also an Rq particle.

We could also postulate a local system where royalty is passed only between females - this would give a local increase in the number of Rq particles but would not change the overall mechanism.

It's probably all due to quantum.

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Stray royalty...

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