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Here are the entries I have written which were all my own work.

Year 2000 - 3 Entries
1The Music of Mahler01 Dec 2000
2Recorders06 Dec 2000
3Unusual Musical Instruments21 Dec 2000
Year 2001 - 31 Entries
4How to Play the Tin Whistle03 Jan 2001
5Clarinets09 Jan 2001
6Richard Wagner24 Jan 2001
7Hedgehogs25 Jan 2001
 The Interregnum - BBC buys h2g2 from Douglas Adams 
8How to Play the Recorder19 Mar 2001
9Mandolins26 Mar 2001
10Double Basses04 Apr 2001
11The Pantheon, Rome, Italy23 Apr 2001
12Cellos20 Apr 2001
13'Bolero' by Maurice Ravel26 Apr 2001
14Diana Wynne Jones - Author02 May 2001
15Dublin, Ireland29 May 2001
16Sundials29 May 2001
17County Wexford, Ireland31 May 2001
18Ogham - an ancient Celtic alphabet05 Jun 2001
19Richard Strauss08 Jun 2001
20Carl Nielsen - Composer26 Jul 2001
21Death, Suicide and Close Shaves in the World of Classical Music01 Aug 2001
22French Horns03 Sep 2001
23'The Planets' by Gustav Holst04 Sep 2001
24How to pronounce Italian14 Sep 2001
25Violas19 Sep 2001
26The Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt09 Oct 2001
27Orchestral Percussion - The Kitchen Sink Department18 Oct 2001
28Introduction to Orchestral Music26 Oct 2001
29An Amazing A-Z of Space19 Nov 2001
30The Neolithic Passage Tombs of Brú na Bóinne27 Nov 2001
31Woodwind Instruments - An Overview11 Dec 2001
32Harps21 Dec 2001
33Calculating the date of Easter20 Dec 2001
34The Wells Cathedral Clock28 Dec 2001
Year 2002 - 24 Entries
35The Museum of Musical Instruments, Brussels, Belgium16 Jan 2002
36Mersenne Numbers23 Jan 2002
37The Christmas Star29 Jan 2002
38The Origin of Terry Pratchett's Discworld05 Feb 2002
39Old Irish Money20 Feb 2002
40Anglo-Saxon (Old English)07 Mar 2002
41Carmina Burana - Drink, Sex and Mediaeval Monks08 Apr 2002
42Santorini - Remains of a Volcanic Cataclysm29 Apr 2002
43Santorini - a Tourist Guide30 Apr 2002
44Peter Tchaikovsky27 May 2002
45Bagpipes31 May 2002
46Lutes11 Jun 2002
47How Power Stations Work19 Jun 2002
48Corks16 Jul 2002
49Made In Heaven - Queen's Last Album23 Jul 2002
50Iraklion, Crete, Greece05 Aug 2002
51The Enigma in Elgar's Variations16 Sep 2002
52How to Play the Saxophone19 Sep 2002
53The Minoan Civilisation of Crete03 Oct 2002
54A Tourist Guide to the Minoan Civilisation10 Oct 2002
55A Fruit for All Seasons17 Oct 2002
56The Greek Alphabet30 Oct 2002
57A Pyramid on Mars15 Nov 2002
58Pre-Celtic Ireland03 Dec 2002
Year 2003 - 24 Entries
59Wikipedia13 Feb 2003
60Champagne and Sparkling Wine18 Feb 2003
61Diophantine Equations11 Mar 2003
62'Waiting for Godot' - the play21 Mar 2003
63Bodhráns28 Mar 2003
64Fermat Numbers16 Apr 2003
65They Discovered America30 Apr 2003
66The Prague Astronomical Clock03 Jun 2003
67Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece27 Jun 2003
68'An Alpine Symphony' by Richard Strauss30 Jun 2003
69Magpies04 Jul 2003
70Tuna and Broccoli Bake10 Jul 2003
71Bouzoukis14 Jul 2003
72Common Wrens24 Jul 2003
73Ocarinas25 Jul 2003
74Binoculars06 Aug 2003
75Deus Ex Machina26 Aug 2003
76Wexford Wildfowl Reserve28 Aug 2003
77The Irish National Heritage Park21 Oct 2003
78Bells27 Oct 2003
79The Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland30 Oct 2003
80Aztlán, Mythical Homeland of the Aztecs07 Nov 2003
81The French Pyrenees12 Dec 2003
82The Space Elevator30 Dec 2003
Year 2004 - 19 Entries
83Cairo, Egypt03 Feb 2004
84Chicken and Egg - a rational answer17 Feb 2004
85Googol - an unimaginably large number02 Mar 2004
86Perfect Numbers22 Mar 2004
87Riven - the computer game24 Mar 2004
88Rubik's Cube02 Apr 2004
89The Development of Our Alphabet08 Apr 2004
90A Guide to Icelandic pronunciation05 May 2004
91The Nebra Sky Disc18 May 2004
92The Earthsea Stories of Ursula K Le Guin24 Jun 2004
93Tolkien's Silmarillion - an Overview05 Jul 2004
94Octopuses12 Aug 2004
95Forth - the Programming Language06 Sep 2004
96The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd's Iconic Album17 Sep 2004
97Irish Neolithic Tombs17 Nov 2004
98John Horton Conway - Mathematician25 Nov 2004
99Curved Space and the Fate of the Universe26 Nov 2004
100The War of the Crows08 Dec 2004
101Gold10 Dec 2004
Year 2005 - 9 Entries
102The Tetragrammaton28 Jan 2005
103Mysteries of the Telephone Explained31 May 2005
104Eating Out in Greece22 Jun 2005
105Latitude28 Jun 2005
106The Decipherment of Linear B26 Aug 2005
107Writing a 12-Bar Blues11 Oct 2005
108Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland27 Oct 2005
109The Archaeology and History Museum, Dublin, Ireland24 Nov 2005
110Gerald Durrell - Animal Collector, Conservationist and Author30 Nov 2005
Year 2006 - 4 Entries
111Greek Temples03 Mar 2006
112The Hairy Ball Theorem22 Mar 2006
113The Peloponnese, Greece10 May 2006
114Delphi, Greece02 Nov 2006
Year 2007 - 33 Entries
115Byzantium: Overview26 Jan 2007
116Byzantium: Constantine and the Founding of Constantinople26 Jan 2007
117Byzantium: Justinian and the Nika Riots26 Jan 2007
118Byzantium: Heraclius26 Jan 2007
119Byzantium: Irene and Iconoclasm26 Jan 2007
120Byzantium: Constantine Porphyrogenitus26 Jan 2007
121Byzantium: Basil the Bulgar-Slayer26 Jan 2007
122Byzantium: Empress Zoe26 Jan 2007
123Byzantium: The Sack of Constantinople26 Jan 2007
124Byzantium: Constantine XI and the Fall of Constantinople26 Jan 2007
125Byzantium: Hagia Sophia26 Jan 2007
126Byzantium: The Walls of Constantinople26 Jan 2007
127Hieroglyphs26 Mar 2007
128Squinches30 Apr 2007
129Belzoni - Tomb Raider and Archaeologist: Part 118 May 2007
130Belzoni - Tomb Raider and Archaeologist: Part 218 May 2007
131Belzoni - Tomb Raider and Archaeologist: Part 318 May 2007
132The Helix22 May 2007
133The Story of Yogh25 May 2007
134Islands and How They are Made29 May 2007
135Echinoderms30 May 2007
136Musical Instruments31 May 2007
137Irish Soda Bread07 Jun 2007
138A Brief History of Greece08 Jun 2007
139Leonardo's Bridge13 Jun 2007
140Euclid's Elements27 Jun 2007
141The Lion of Chaironeia09 Jul 2007
142Pronouncing Ancient Greek for English Speakers16 Jul 2007
143The Phaistos Disc30 Jul 2007
144Writing Systems19 Oct 2007
145Leonhard Euler - Mathematician20 Nov 2007
146The Five Card Trick03 Dec 2007
147The Ark of the Covenant28 Dec 2007
Year 2008 - 13 Entries
148Byzantium: Romanos Diogenes and the Loss of Anatolia04 Mar 2008
149Constellations: Overview17 Mar 2008
150Chariot Racing20 Mar 2008
151Constellations: Mensa 'the Table Mountain'19 Aug 2008
152Constellations: Lacerta 'the Lizard'28 Aug 2008
153Constellations: Dorado 'the Dorado fish'04 Sep 2008
154Constellations: Telescopium 'the Telescope'10 Sep 2008
155Constellations: Tucana 'the Toucan'24 Sep 2008
156Constellations: Octans 'the Octant'14 Oct 2008
157The Lives of Stars07 Nov 2008
158Mathematical Knots05 Dec 2008
159The BACH Theme10 Dec 2008
160The Cable Cars of San Francisco29 Dec 2008
Year 2009 - 8 Entries
161The Pyramid of Hawara23 Feb 2009
162Talking with Cats02 Mar 2009
163Pipe Organs13 Mar 2009
164Positioning the Bridge on a Mandolin18 May 2009
165Chalkida, Evia, Greece29 Jun 2009
166Archimedes08 Jul 2009
167Sirius - the Dog-Star14 Dec 2009
168The Nautilus - a Creature of the Deep21 Dec 2009
Year 2010 - 6 Entries
169First Crusade - Setting Out24 May 2010
170First Crusade - Into Muslim Territory24 May 2010
171First Crusade - Antioch24 May 2010
172First Crusade - Straying from the Path24 May 2010
173First Crusade - Jerusalem24 May 2010
174Dublin Statue Trail27 Sep 2010
Year 2011 - 4 Entries
175Orange - the Colour24 May 2011
176Polaris - the North Star9 Aug 2011
177Flags15 Aug 2011
178Moorhens22 Aug 2011
 The Second Interregnum - NPL buys h2g2 from BBC 
Year 2012 - 2 Entries
179The Holy GrailFeb 20121
180Portal 2 - the Computer Game1 Oct 2012
Year 2013 - 6 Entries
181Potato and Mushroom Gratin10 May 2013
182The Top 14 Sights of Athens05 Jul 2013
183Elrond the Half-Elven20 Oct 2013
184Delta Cephei and the Size of the Universe03 Nov 2013
185Basic Beef Goulash16 Dec 2013
186Larry Niven's Ringworld - a Vast Construction in Space23 Dec 2013
Year 2014 - 13 Entries
187William Rowan Hamilton, Mathematician
03 Jan 2014
188Prats de Mollo, Eastern Pyrenees, France27 Jan 2014
189Slide Rules - a History and How To Guide28 Jan 2014
190Mozart's Clarinet Concerto29 Apr 2014
191Top 14 Sights in Istanbul05 May 2014
192Number Systems Through the Ages12 May 2014
193Green and Violet Stars27 Aug 2014
194Why the Far Side of the Moon Looks Different02 Sep 2014
195Forbidden Planet - the Movie22 Sep 2014
196The Great Telescope of Birr Castle, Ireland06 Oct 2014
197Algol the Demon Star27 Oct 2014
198Irish High Crosses12 Nov 2014
199The Gregorian Calendar and 30 February28 Nov 2014
Year 2015 - 10 Entries
200The Mars / Barsoom Books of Edgar Rice Burroughs09 Feb 2015
201Living on Jupiter16 Feb 2015
202Tolkien's Dwarves23 Feb 2015
203The Aelric Books of Richard Blake30 Mar 2015
204Vega - the Summer Sapphire Star06 Jul 2015
205Goldfinches20 Jul 2015
206The Arklow Pyramid24 Aug 2015
207Irish Round Towers01 Sep 2015
208The Monkey and the Coconuts - a
Mathematical Problem
15 Sep 2015
209Syros, a Greek Island25 Sep 2015
Year 2016 - 27 Entries
210Mimar Sinan, the Architect of the Ottoman Empire25-Jan-2016
211The Chora Church, Istanbul, Turkey01-Feb-2016
212Galadriel, the Elf-Lady of Lorien08-Feb-2016
213A Walk in the Cloghoge Valley15-Feb-2016
214How to Move Around in Space07-Mar-2016
215Ireland and What to Call It14-Mar-2016
216'Almagest' - Ptolemy's Guide to the Heavens04-Apr-2016
217The Mass in B Minor, by JS Bach18-Apr-2016
218Massy's Wood Walk, Dublin Mountains, Ireland30-May-2016
219Chongqing, China06-Jun-2016
221A Canal Walk - the Corbally Naas Branch of Ireland's Grand Canal04-Jul-2016
222The Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong, China11-Jul-2016
223The Nazgul, Tolkien's Black Riders18-Jul-2016
224The Bohernabreena Reservoirs
225Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey01-Aug-2016
226Tolkien's Elves08-Aug-2016
227Sauron, the Dark Lord of Middle-earth15-Aug-2016
228The Ham Sandwich and Pancake Theorems22-Aug-2016
229The Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul, Turkey29-Aug-2016
230Westminster Mass - Roxanna Panufnik03-Oct-2016
231Howth Cliff Walk17-Oct-2016
232Choosing an Eyepiece for an Astronomical Telescope24-Oct-2016
233Pokemon Go
234The Atomium, Brussels28-Nov-2016
235Loughcrew, a Megalithic Cemetery12-Dec-2016
236Tintern Abbey, Co Wexford, Ireland19-Dec-2016
Year 2017 - 9 Entries
237Tolkien's Maps09-Jan-2017
238The Non-Culture Science Fiction of Iain M Banks16-Jan-2017
239How to Pronounce Mandarin Chinese23-Jan-2017
240Lord of the Rings: Downs, Barrows and Wights08-Feb-2017
241The Culture Books of Iain M Banks28-Feb-2017
242'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' (2003) - Film Review17-Mar-2017
243How to Pronounce Turkish29-May-2017
244The Spinc Walk, Glendalough, Co Wicklow05-Jun-2017
245'No Man's Land' - a play by Harold Pinter12-Jun-2017
Year 2018 - 2 Entries
246Verona, Italy23-Apr-2018
247Moroccan Vegetable Tagine07-May-2018
Year 2019 - 3 Entries
248Bray Head Cliff Walk, County Wicklow, Ireland04-Mar-2019
249The Kadikoy Crocodile10-Jun-2019
250Irish Stone Circles29-Jul-2019
Year 2020 - 1 Entry so far
251The Strange Worlds of Larry Niven20-Jan-2020
Coming SoonPicked
252Jadis the White Witch18-Oct-2019
253Trees in JRR Tolkien's world of Middle-earth13-Feb-2020
1Although the published date on this is 2011, I've reason to believe it didn't hit the Front Page until Feb 2012. The process for marking the publication date hadn't yet been sorted in the new post-BBC h2g2.

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