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Do you ever just want to goof? Do you ever just want something mindless? Then this is worth your time to read!

A brief note about dullmen.com, whose domain name is self-explanatory, a truly debilitating tribute to dullness of all kinds and a site where uninteresting men are encouraged to be dull together in a safe and welcoming environment. Among other treasures on the site is the most boring trivia that I have ever encountered - just the thing to bring that dreary dinner party down to a whole new level of tedium. One example to help you sleep tonight:
'In WordPerfect 6.1, when using 12-point Times Roman, non-boldface asterisks have six points, whereas boldface asterisks have five. Not so, however, in 12-point Courier, where asterisks have five points in both cases'.

April's featured event is 'Folding Road Maps'.


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