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This week I had a question posed to me in one of the forums on my page. I found it to be quite a good question and therefore decided to bring it to the Post for further viewing. I
have given my opinion, but thought that maybe others might have differing opinions and wanted AC to be able to view them as well.

Dear Friends,

This is to all my out of town friends bcuz you're less likely to be prejudiced or know who I'm talking about. I would like some advice, pertaining to guys. (Please?) I like this guy... he's in 10th grade like I am, he makes me laugh, we have things in common, we talk a lot, and I think he's gorgeous. I'm not sure he likes me though. Sometimes he seems to, and then others I feel like he's not interested at all. He also happens to be outside my social circle, but that hasn't stopped us being friends. Then there's this 9th grader (almost 16 though) who seems to like me... he's nice, we have things in common, makes me laugh (not nearly as much as the first
though), and is all right looking. But I'm not interested in him romantically, only as a friend. What should I do? Should I try to get the first guy and if so, how? Or should I try to find some feelings for the 9th grader, ya' know, take what's already there? I'd really
appreciate all your advice.


Dear AC,

Do not be in a big hurry when it comes to trying to find 'Mr. Right'... having never personally met either young man, I cannot say which one you should focus your attentions on.My advice to you would be to slow down and relax, chat with both young men as friends, and if anything comes from it then this is great, if not then you at least find yourself with two friends. I do want to stress to you my dear that the way someone looks is not really that important in the end, the best looking person can be the ugliest inside and if you go only by looks then you will most likely find yourself unhappy in the end. This is not to say you should never consider being romantically involved with someone who happens to, in your opinion, look good. What this means is that you need to look deeper, look inside them and see just how good they look from the inside.


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