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Luvvies are not drama queens. They are, however, the queens of drama.

Don't confuse them with thesps, either. Thesps are people who get very serious about drama.

And they don't even need to be outrageously camp. I did a show in late 1998 in Guildford with a luvvie in the cast. Mildly camp, but no more than that.

The terminology

What luvvies are most famous for is of course calling people 'luvvie'. They are also prone to saying
  • Sweetie
  • Dearie
  • Love

Luvvies are known for their gossiping and bitching - generally about other actors - but they aren't vicious; at most slightly malicious and spiteful. They'll make fun of themselves as well as others.

In fact, luvvies are quite possibly the nicest people you can come across in a rather cold industry. They're friendly and approachable, a fund of experience and information.

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