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We apologise to our German Friends who asked us to publicise their meet... we know that we mentioned it in previous issues but, sadly, the final reminder arrived just a little too late for our last edition. Hopefully they will forgive us and send us an account of their adventures! We understand that the Sydney Meet has also now taken place... please do give us the details!

There are plenty of Meets for h2g2 researchers in the pipeline. One well worth further mention is the Denver Meet (see link below) which has now been finalised for January 7th at the Mercury Cafe starting at the obscure time of 4.20pm... ok, maybe that shouldn't really surprise me! You can find information about this and most of the other planned meets at the Future Events forum, but here are a selection for you to consider:

The h2g2 Christmas Card

Go along and see an impressively large list of fellow researchers, and then add your signature to the h2g2 Christmas Card.

The Astronomy Society

If you have an interest in things celestial, then the h2g2 Astronomy Society is just the place to go!
Why not drop in and browse around.

Hermes Messanger Service

Want to send someone on h2g2 a Christmas card? How about a declaration of love, anonymous or otherwise? If so, why not visit the Hermes Messanger Service. All requests will be considered and forwarded to user pages within h2g2.

Christmuse Dinner

The 'Musehome' is pleased to announce that they are holding a prolonged dinner celebration at The Christmuse Dinner page. All researchers are most welcome to drop along and imbibe! An added attraction is the inclusion of Three Nights of Fancy Dress... ballgowns and formal attire encouraged... limited leftover Halloween costumes will be accepted. The Three Nights will take place from December 15-17(Fri-Sun).

The BOF Inn

There are, lurking around the nooks and crannies of h2g2, many quiet researchers, many boring researchers, many not very exciting or industrious researchers. A few have begun to congregate at The BOF Inn. They will not notice the intrusion should you wish to join them. The premises are rather seedy, more than a little down-at-heel and the patrons, when not stuck in mud, are liable to be grumbling quietly in the corner. Some, indeed, may be comfortably dead. The BOF Inn is 'under construction' just now, a situation that is unlikely change in the immediate future as 'galvanised into action' is most definitely not a phrase BOFs are comfortable with.

So, if you are lively, vibrant, full of life etc. DON'T GO THERE! But if you are none of those things, well, why not potter along. We will try (not very hard) to welcome you.


The h2g2 Soapbox

Is there something bothering you about h2g2? Do you want to make a point about the proposed changes for the site? If so, pop along to the Community Soapbox and make your views known! This is THE place to go to discuss the state of the h2g2 community.

Check out the Classified Advertisements for news of new sites.

All entries to this feature should be mailed to shazzPRME. Please mark the subject 'Announcements'.

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