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<p>Almost all of my experience has been on PC's so if you have a Mac some of this
won't help.
<BR/> All Programs referred to are the PC versions and where commercial or
<BR/> shareware/freeware is mentioned you should be able to find links to the program
<BR/> website at the end of the article.
<BR/> Basic website design can be done simply using Netscape's Site Composer. It is
<BR/> free with Netscape and allows the average user to create beautiful and stable
<BR/> sites. The current version will not support frames, but it will act as a site design
<BR/> tool and upload manager.
<BR/> If you feel you know HTML well enough to do the editing yourself then you can't
<BR/> beat Notepad for simple usability.
<BR/> You should consider getting a professional site management program like
<BR/> Dreamweaver if your planning on investing a great deal of time and money into
<BR/> your site and want to be able to include cutting edge internet options on your
<BR/> site.
<BR/> If your crafting your site by hand with Notepad or some other editor you will need
<BR/> an FTP program to get your site uploaded to your Server. CuteFTP is simple and
<BR/> easy to use, but with most web design programs including Netscape Composer
<BR/> and Dreamweaver the FTP client is built in.
<BR/> Creating your own graphics is easy using Paint Shop Pro from JASC, and you
<BR/> can even do fully web optimized animated gif images with the Animation Shop
<BR/> that comes with it. Adding a few plugins for special effects gives you a high
<BR/> power tool for manipulating your graphics content.

Bill Fikes, Webmusher, Wasilla, Alaska<BR/>

<a href= http://www.webmusher.com>Webmusher</a><BR/>
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<BR/> : <a href=http://www.netscape.com> Netscape</a>
<BR/> : <a href= http://www.cuteftp.com>CuteFTP</a>
<BR/>: <a href= http://www.macromedia.com> Dreamweaver</a>
<BR/> : <a href=http://www.jasc.com>Paint Shop Pro</a>

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