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I just saw (Oct.2006) horrible pictures about the children-policy of the communist regime by its dictator Ceausescu and his wife.(1960-1989)

The docu is the German docu; "Das Experiment 770:Gebären auf Befehl"/"children of the Decree").

In 1966, while we enjoyed music of The Beatles, Ceaussescu and his wife had their own socialistic "dream" that became an horrific nightmare for their own peoples, especially women and children.

They had already created a social and political cult around themselves, as Hitler did and as N Korea's dictator now does (2006).

One of their officicial decrees; "decreet 770",was, that "reproduction" was the duty of every woman. With that in mind all kinds of contraceptive were forbidden and also abotion became suddenly illegal.

He and his wive wanted - just like Hitler before them - to create a "new mankind", and in their state, it would be the "new socialistic human being".

Well, when dictators and any other opportunists and populists talk about "creating a new man" , then shere hell is arriving, and that's what it did in Romania in the seventies, eighties and nineties.

Those children in these periods were mainly born because of a decree.
That's a rather bad start, I assume.
But the strategy seems to work and in 1969 one million (1000.000)
'extra" babies were born (above the average birthrate).

In 1973 economy got worse and suddenly there was a setback in the dictator's dream: far less babies were born.
From that moment on;
- the armee
- the intelligence forces
- the police
- the party leaders

áll were ordered to even stalk pregnant women, even withín the hospitals.

But the West looked at the other side, because we wanted to get Romania away from Moscow ánd much was not known, ánd we were smoking hash and what's more important than that.. (I hear myself say these days).

Many women could not stand the coming of their "new borns" and tried abortian in any way imaginable.

Finally, the regime wanted to "solve" the most sensitive problem; those born boys and girls that did not fit in the image of healthy, strong, complete, etc.

They were "traced" and put in "children's homes".

After the death sentence of the two Ceausescu's during the revolt in 1989 it was discovered what the "procedures" were for these children in these "homes".

No grown up leader was there to be seen and they were without food, without daylight,without a heating system,without ány essential need etc. The children had to stay indoor 24 hours a day.
A slow way of excecuting all of them.
I feel pity for those who survived this hell. Broken for the rest of their lives.I hope I'm wrong.

Unbelievable what was to be seen.Hell, to see these children just sitting, naked, inside a barn in the mud.

There was in 1989 a small "revenge";
The "extra children" whom were born because of the decree happened to be the ones who supported/engaged the succesfull revolt against this dictator couple.

And there is - to me - another very small consolation.
After they were captured and during their immediate trial, they were confronted by the judge with the facts about the conditions in these "childrenshouses" ánd that évery policy about the treatment of these "inferiors"(in their vision) came from their pérsonal decrees. They both were confronted with that and they did not look very happy. They switched their eyes to each others.

Ten minutes later they were both shot dead.
Romanina dared to breath after five years of fascism and 50 years of communism.

Live goes on.

Docu;"children by decree"

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Quote; "After the death sentence of the two Ceausescu's during the revolt in 1989 it was discovered what the "procedures" were for these children, in these "homes"".

In Romania it was already known, but not outside.

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Docu;"children by decree"

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