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Tea / Cheese duality

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If cheese is opening a wormhole in space where does it go? Perhaps the answer lies in fruit flavoured tea bags. At the point the fruit flavoured tea bag reaches close to 100 degrees C, a wormhole is opened between the bag and the cheese in someones stomach. This enables the flavour of the tea to be lost in the stomach and the mass of the cheese to be lost in the tea bag. Thus, satisfying laws of conservation.

Therefore to create the ultimate particle accelerator someone has to drink a cheese flavoured tea bag. (Ah, but the cheese is not a fruit, I hear you cry (For my hearing is that good!), but I will point you in the direction of the cheese plant. I mean tea flavoured cheese would just be crazy!)

Tea / Cheese duality

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The Halibut

A very, interesting and revealing set of theories we have here... Ever tried the cheese tea bag? what happened?

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