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Just what do I think I'm doing?

Projects in Progress

The Berlin Wall segment I wrote for Mu Beta's 'We Didn't Start the Fire' project is in the EGWW because I've been asked to expand it to be linked to the collaborative entry on Walls.

The Pill was also written for Mu Beta's project, and could possibly be expanded to a full entry.

I'm working on the following things offline:

  • I'm researching books and films for a potential Uni project on the Rat Pack.
  • I'm also researching books and TV for a MythBusters entry.
  • I'm toying with the idea of writing entries on the films Johnny Dangerously and Cars.

I'm also dabbling in creative writing for the AWW and the Underguide. Nothing solid yet... Watch This Space.

The conversation about the UK/US Dictionary is here.

My "To Do" List

Dean Martin, possibly in a Rat Pack Uni project

Brian Setzer or The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Bobby Darin

The Archy McNally series

Hannibal, Missouri

Projects Pending

No projects pending (because I've been offline).

Most Recent Projects Completed

You can see other products of my genius on my Wot I Wrote page.

First Steps to Survival in an Inflatable Liferaft from this original
What's in a Name - The Full Moons
Check-Out: A Job in the Retail World
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Black Friday - Shoppers' Bliss
The Snowflake - Nature's Masterpiece
Kushiel's Legacy: Ph├Ędre's Trilogy
Swizzle Sticks
Some Ideas for the Short-Term Unemployed from this original
Chucks: The Converse All Star

h2g2 University

My first Uni project, after nearly seven years: Route 66.

Miscellaneous Projects

'Done Too Soon' was an ambitious attempt at spearheading a massive collaborative project (in the grand style of Master B). Ultimately it hasn't worked out (although some great entries were created for it), but I'm still dabbling with it from time to time.

A Guide to Breastfeeding, discussion in Collaborative. Had a full head of steam at the outset but has petered out some (no pun intended). Elly has taken it on and it's still in progress.

The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans was my first attempt at a solo edited entry. Not entirely successful, the original PR thread is here, and the entry now sits in the Flea Market looking for new inspiration.

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