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We are the proud owners of an HH plate on our (typically German) VW Golf. We did manage to get our intials on the plate when we registered the car which is nice. You're kind of limited with HH for making nice words, but we see a lot of PI(Pinnenburg) plates with PIXI, PIMP, PIGS, PINK. I even joked about moving there so I could have PINT on my car. I've also seen a few Kiel plates with KIWI on them. New Zealanders get everywhere.

Yes, so many Munich registered cars in Hamburg. See some every day. I've been told that the insurance costs less down there and that's why companies register their cars there.

The odd thing about German plates is that if you move house just a few miles down the road you might have to de-register your car and re-register it with the new plate from that district. smiley - erm


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... plus, you will have to pay the registration fees all over again. And you will have to actually buy the new licence plate, right? smiley - grr

Nice reminder on the PI licence plates. Whenever I get to continue writing this article, that will be a point to focus on. HI (Hildesheim) gets some nice words, too.


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