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Mag's Guardian Angel and Patron Saint of Wishing Stars

I did join a couple of weks ago nowsmiley - okand I am the patron saint of Wishing Stars.
Is there anything I need to do???
smiley - smiley

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hi margaret-b smiley - angel

the archangels are in the process of organizing the next sainting ceremony where you will get your wings and halo. it should be coming up in the next few weeks or so, tho i can't say for sure.

in the meantime you can practice being angelic, or study flight mechanics so that when you get your wings you can adequately compensate for the celebratory ammounts of pan galactic gargle blasters that traditionally follow the ceremony when you first try to fly smiley - winkeye

Guardian Angel

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Mag's Guardian Angel and Patron Saint of Wishing Stars

Hiyasmiley - smiley
I looks forward to thatsmiley - ok
but how do I learn about flying
are there any links on anyone's pagesmiley - biggrin

Thanx for any help

smiley - angel
smiley - nurse

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Marjin, After a long time of procrastination back lurking

There will be a sainting ceremony tonight at F57540?thread=320521 .

Your questions may be answered theresmiley - smiley

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