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Wish to recommend this site..

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Best places to view a Launch

I hope I'm doing this right. I want to have my entry on Best places to view a launch considered for the guide. If I'm doing this wrong, please let me know. Thanks.

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Wish to recommend this site..

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Global Village Idiot

Hi Random,

You've got the right idea, but a few of the details aren't quite there... smiley - smiley

First of all, you should put your information in a Guide Entry: at the moment it's in your "personal space" and in a journal entry.

- your personal space is where you can put information about yourself, your interests etc: people see this when they click on your name, wherever you've contributed to a forum.
- your journal is a bit like a diary: put things here that just occur to you, but aren't material for guide entries - your day, jokes, topical discussions
- guide entries are where you pass on information to other researchers. The big advantages over journal entries are that you can edit the entry once it's created, and you can use GuideML to format it, put in pictures etc.

To create a guide entry:
If you're in "alabaster skin" (the screen is white), look in the left hand column for "Most Recent Guide Entries" and click on "Add a Guide Entry"
If you're in "Classic Goo" (the screen is blue), go right to the bottom and click on "Add a new Guide entry".

A screen will come up where you can put in your information (you may want to prepare it first in a word processing package or something, then paste it in). If you want to change it later, look on your personal space page for the list of Guide entries, and click on the "edit" link next to the name of this one.

Once all that's done, come back here and post again. You correctly included the link, but also the title should be of the format "A999999 - Places to Watch Space Launches". Then we'll come and have another look.

One point I'll make now: Editing is the process of including the article into the "official" Guide, so there are certain rules. Edited guide entries have to be written "in the style of" an encyclopedia, news channel or other information source - the researcher shouldn't appear in them. Don't say "I like to...", say "It is fun to...", and so on.

You can always make a second copy about *your personal experience* which can be a Guide entry, but don't put that one forward for Editing - it doesn't make it less important, just less "official".

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