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Shorn Canary ~^~^~ sign the petition to save the albatrosses

It made me laugh and it made me hungry. You didn't mention that they can be lethal. I've cut my tongue on artichokes several times. They must taste wonderful or I would never risk all the potential blood and gore involved.

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Shorn Canary ~^~^~ sign the petition to save the albatrosses

By the way, if you're wondering where your other artichoke conversation (from the peer review) has disappeared to, it's hanging off the bottom of a bacteriophage article for some unaccountable reason.

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Jack Point

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my article.

I must admit, I'm a little curious how you could cut your tongue on an artichoke (unless you're putting the end of the petal opposite the heart in your mouth, which I agree is suicidal.) The worst artichoke-related injuries I've sustained have been minor burns while removing a hot artichoke from the pot with my bare hands. (A silly thing to attempt in retrospect -- particularly since I've burned myself in the same way on several occasions -- but sensibility often goes out the window when I'm hungry and I've been enjoying the aroma of artichoke and garlic for the last half hour. Mmmmm... Now I'm making myself hungry. I wish it were artichoke season.)


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Shorn Canary ~^~^~ sign the petition to save the albatrosses

Every time I've sustained an artichoke injury it's happened in a restaurant when I've had a pizza with artichokes. I think they must hide razor blades in the artichokes. If that's not it then I just don't know.

I see they've moved your other thread to its rightful home. You're all nice and orderly now. smiley - smiley

Happy Christmas.

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