The Legacy of Terry Horowitz Pt 3

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The Story So Far

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Part Three

“Excuse me?” asked Terry Horowitz of a nurse passing across the room that his bed was in.

“Yes?”, she stopped and walked towards him.

“When can I get out of here?”

She stopped and had a look at his chart “Mr Horowitz isn’t it?”, she waited until he nodded. “I’m afraid we’ll have to keep you under observation for a few more hours to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with you, and then you’ll be able to go home”

He nodded looking around at endless group of people revelling in their poor health, all competing to have the worst condition by coughing louder then the other. The nurse smiled and went on with her duties.

It was late now. Talia had gone to find some water for Terry. But she was taking far too long. Or maybe it was just the way that he had started counting the number of spots on the wall that was causing time to drag.

Suddenly the power went out. Brilliant, marvellous – he thought, all this and now a power failure. Then the screams came.

A figure slid past the front of his bed. He couldn’t see clearly but he was sure that it was going towards his brothers bed. He tried to get up but then felt dizzy and tripped over some equipment, cursing. Amongst the chaos going on in the hospital, nobody noticed. Terry got up again and tried to remember which direction his brother was in.

The bounty hunter came in. Kraa Fik, snuck about the hospital in almost complete freedom. The darkness was his realm. As awkard as that could be trying to get dates… which were the least of his worries at the moment.

He unsheathed his knife. He had more powerful weapons of course but as far as killing was concerned he was very much a traditionalist. No one pointed out that rocks preceded knives, but then he wasn’t that much of a traditionalist.

He found the place he was looking for. He knew the smell. He had been tracking Neil Horowitz across the gulf of space an time for an age now, and he had finally tracked him down. He also smelled something else… something more interesting, his brother… the missing man… the man everyone thought was dead : TERRY HOROWITZ.

Kraa Fik almost went mad with the reward he could get for killing Terry Horowitz. The universe shook. Powerlines across the world sparked and fizzed.

The whole of the planet began tearing itself apart, with this hospital being the epicentre of a tremor that was beginning to get more and more profound.

Kraa Fik knew little of how the universe worked, but he knew how to kill. He approached the bed. Terry Horowitz was stumbling around, trying to find his way. Kraa Fik paused to wonder what made this man so special… his apparent brother was so obviously much the better fighter.

His night vision made it too easy. He thought he’d kill the brother first, and save Terry Horowitz, scurge of the Blieg hero to the human race, and legend, to last. He sliced Neil’s throat… too easy. Neil fell limp.

Terry Horowitz, had obviously gauged that something had happened and started yelling for his brother. Kraa Fik stuck the knife in his throat…And the Universe imploded.

“Good Morning Terry”, smiled Beiphlat. As he opened the curtains to an unrecognisable room.

“Fart”, confusingly said Terry. “Erm, bleem… erble?”. He seemed baffled at his apparent inability to talk properly.

“Oh, not quite working right is it?”, said Beiphlat. “I’ll see if I can fix that”. Beiphlat fiddled with a small device.

“Why did he say Fart?”, asked Erthgi

“His vocal patterns are a bit off… see Terry here has become something of an anomaly in time”

“Ann Omaly? Whats she got to do with anything?”, asked Aelric.

Beiphlat rolled his eyes. “An anomaly. Something that shouldn’t be but it is. Terry Horowitz, is now integral to the existence of the universe. So when something essentially kills Terry, the universe over compensates and changes the universe to change the situation so that he survives.”

Aelric and Erthgi looked at each other, still in their medieval king Arthur-esque attire. “So why is he in this country village? And why is that fat woman downstairs blocking the doorway?”, said Erthgi (about something which will make more sense later)

“Well, I’ve tried to direct things as much as possible… but the universe is still doing some strange things… the most important thing is that Terry Horowitz is still with us. Ah that should do it.”, Said Beiphlat finally sorting out Terry’s voice.

Terry coughed. “erm… where am I?”, he said groggily.

Beiphlat smiled. “Welcome back to the land of the living”


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