A Conversation for The BOF Inn (Under Construction)

The Sub-committee for Interior Decoration

Post 201


*A faint, furtive creeping sound of something non-SnugHound emanates from the outside of the committee room. A note is slid under the door, after which there is a hasty retreat. The note reads:*

We, the undersigned and indeterminate regular imbibers at the Snug, are contemplating the possibility of perhaps convening a meeting to discuss launching a preliminary feasibility study on maybe undertaking some minor redecoration of said Snug. Very minor, using existing materials only. More like touching up a couple of places, really. Nothing that need concern the Sub-Committee, but we thought we would inform you out of politeness. Don't trouble yourselves with it, really, we'll just quietly get on with things.

P.S. I'm only the one writing this note. It's the others who are going on about redecorating, honest.

*The observant would observe (or note) that the note is, in any event, unsigned.*

The Sub-committee for Interior Decoration

Post 202


*Pinky slowly walks past the committee room,just incase she can retrieve the letter BEFORE the committee arrives,peeps under the door,tries desperately to even see it.Hears a noise coming from,somewhere ! Pretends to be cleaning the floor,busily* Lalalala la lala de dah dee dah dum *She moves away,quickly*

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The Sub-committee for Interior Decoration

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