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That's a great idea, build a bar, yes we could build a bar, why stop at one! we could build another and another, we could build a chain of them. We could use my old chains over there. And why stop at bars, we could build villages, towns (voice getting faster and higher in pitch)cities,countries and and we could take over the world --- YES WORLD DOMINATION, I CAN SEE IT NOW (shouting and doing an Involuntary Dr.Stranglove impression)


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What to call this enterprise?


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I know! lets call it IKA and while we are at it we could get all the stuff from there!

You could knock it together while I read the instructions. All we need is a credit card and a screw driver. Oh and a small car with a very large roof rack.
smiley - ok


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smiley - space
hi smiley - smiley

i haven't had a date in years soooooo... i guess i am officially undesirable and qualify to frequent this saloon?

also i am somewhat subversive or have been back in the day.... . .

and finally...

. ... .pulls out laptop and fires up screensaver that has over 5000 pictures on it. ... .

anyone wanna see some pix of the grandkids? smiley - biggrin

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