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Dear Sid, we have to say goodbye to you soon

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Val( Patron Saint Of Chorley )

Your an old dog now,Sid, 18yrs old, and these past few weeks you`ve not been well.
How can we bear to lose you, we`re all crying inside cos we know what the outcome will be, when we take you to the vets.
You were 1yr old when we got you from a `rescue centre` a scruffy little cairn terrier cross who looked the colour of a dirty mop, grey and white.You took a while to settle in, because you had been ill treated, indeed at night we had to pick you up and carry you in from the garden, because you just used to lie down and go to sleep on the cold flags ( we suspected, you were often thrown out )
Anyway with love, you blossomed into a lovely little pal for us all, and non more so for Catherine who was only a child then and is now going into her final year at Uni.You two really loved one another and your missing her, are`nt you? She`s in Portugal at the moment at Uni there, but is cutting her time short over there to fly back next friday to see you and cuddle you one last time.I do hope you hang on for her Sid.It would be a shame if things got too much for you and you both did`nt get the chance to say goodbye to one another.
Please hold on.

Dear Sid, we have to say goodbye to you soon

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Marjin, After a long time of procrastination back lurking

Hello Val.
A moving tale that will be familliar to everyone who has had a pet for a long time.

But I think you posted it to the wrong place. It would be better to add it to your journal.

This page is meant for technical info about the way you can contribute, not the contributions themselves.

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