A Conversation for Reading the Guide

Am I missing something?

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shouldn't there be a ph in that? smiley - winkeye

Am I missing something?

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

You mutilate your dialect your way, I'll mutilate my dialect your way....

stroking my ghoti without getting my hands wet....

Am I missing something?

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Z Phantom

tomato, tamato, smiley - tomatosmiley - biggrin

Z P smiley - ghostsmiley - eureka

I've been missing something

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Self Recursive Acronym- Thingite Principal Chief Assistant Vice President of Small Woodland Creatures

I was once in a relationship where the difference was more, I said tom-ay-to, she said pot-ah-to. We called the whole thing off.


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Wonderful idea and interesting as well!
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author of the "Creative Living Spirit"
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Am I missing something?

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ghoti as in 'fish' yeah ?

Am I missing something?

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You appear/seem to have swallowed /ingested a thesaurus judging by your verbose issuings smiley - smiley

Am I missing something?

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

To whom are you refurring?

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