Decision Trees and Disintegrating Candidates

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Decision trees

Roots: mechanistic logic.

Fruit: distrusted probability.

Branches: flat lines

on the page for the risk averse.

Germinated: in the marginals.

by red pen.

Disintegrating Candidates

This briefing note/memo/report

is for your meeting/attention/information.

It will address all issues, review situations,

appraise by bullet point, measure up

to criteria, set targets, indicators,

conclude, and to terminate: recommend

the optimal solution/course/plan of action.

Conclusion - more investigation's due,

conclusion - further research required,

conclusion – confirmation's called for,

conclusion: Time's out, the future's set

down with the pen.

(Dear examiner: I would have done this/done that/concluded the other,

but I forgot my calculator/had a panic attack/

a cold/the train was late,

please see working paper 57e,

error – those were £'000s please adjust.

Please? Be kind?

Dear examiner, please?)

D+?, C-?-, D++?, C-?,

Conclusion; failed to deliver.

Conclusion; knockable into shape.

Conclusion: just give me, Dear Candidate,

the evidence! Exit conference suite: bottled water, stewed tea,

air conditioning, scripts, suits,

bricks, traffic.

Windows down,

out the town,

foot to floor

in cruise gear -

sweep the hills

and stop

by harebells and tumbled walls

to lean on a gate and watch a swallow skimming buttercups.

Then back

to stain the margins in red ink.

D+, C--, D++, C-, C--, D+, D++, C--, D+, C-, D++, C--.

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