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An extremely loyal mac fan

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I was born in October 1983, the Mac debuted in January 1984. I feel like it's older brother. My father started me on the mac plus I was only 3 (they were pretty expensive). I used apple computers in school and eventually got a LC II when I was 10. Since they, I have owned a Power Mac 6100, StarMax 5500, Titanium Laptop, an 800 Mhz eMac, a Flat screen iMac, and will soon be getting a Mac Mini. I have several mac posters, shirts and attended one MacWorld convention. I love eating apples. I'm even become a math/science middle school teacher just so that I can continue getting discounts at the Mac Store. I've gotten into near fist fights in high school trying to protect the Mac's honor. I have collected all jokes, parodied songs, and many expired Mac manuals just because they're Mac. I love the Mac and hope to find more people here that do to. As we all know, Douglas Adams also loved Apple computers as well. If it's good enough for him, it's awesome for me. Thanks for listening to my babbling.smiley - smiley

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An extremely loyal mac fan

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