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Nurse Who?

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The danger of having a woman is that it will be branded as something purely for political correctness sake or to earn brownie points, even if the woman they pick is good. In that environment it'll be horrible for whoever they pick because she won't be taken seriously as an actress, she'll be 'the woman Doctor' and little else, and you can bet that at least one rubbishy tabloid will use 'Nurse Who' as a headline.

And as well as all that, I just don't want a female Doctor. There's no point, he's a he. You don't cast a woman as Hamlet just for some variation.

Nurse Who?

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Surely to goodness we don't have female Lord's they are Ladies. Is political correctness causing us to completely loose the plot? Why don't we get calls for a female 007, Jane Bond or one of Pakistani origin. David Tennent did say that he really wanted to be ginger though so they could go there.

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