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too young

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kipperonthefloor - Make sense? What fun is there in Making sense?

he is really too young to play the doctor

too young

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oh no he isn't!

Ooops, sorry, panto season has ended hasn't it?

My initial reaction was that he might be too young but if Moffat thinks he is right then I'm willing to see how he does - Moffat knows his cheeses when it comes to the Doctor.

I do fear that other writers for the show might try and Hollyoaks it a bit but those in charge should be able to steer clear of that.

Would be very interesting if he had an older male companion at some point - the reverse dynamic where the 'younger' doctor character is leading the 'older' human character.

too young

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I thought that but:-

a) I saw him and he looks older and quirkier than 26years old.
b) Peter Davison was 29years old and was able to do gravitas.
c) The reviews of his theatre roles and his preparation for those show maturity.
d) Moffat said *he* thought the Dr had to be able to show how old he is.
e) After weeks of auditioning Moffat still came back to Matt Smith.
f) I *trust* Moffats judgement, I trust his writing skills, I trust his vision of how he can make a 26year old project old, wiseness.

I am hoping Moffat can break the mould of young actors being only there for totty factor and Hollyoaks factor etc and that young actors *can* act and it's the viewers and programme makers who should wake up to the fact.

too young

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that was my first reaction too but thinking more about it, I guess it would be quite nice touch to the story - The Doctor will regenerate only a few times more and maybe that's why his body gets younger - so he can use each regeneration longer (of course if no radioactive piano falls down on him, ending it faster anyway).

Whoever it will be, my Doctor is the Tenth One... smiley - wah

too young

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The Dr will continue to regenerate for as long as it's getting ratings and making the BBC money. No off the cuff rule made 30years ago will stop that.

too young

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Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Tegan Quinn from Tegan and Sara in his headshot? Not that it's a bad thing, but still, I think it's a bit weird.

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