Call of Duty: World at war.

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Set in the back drop of Eastern Europe and Asia call of duty world at war is the 5th game from the award winning creators Activision. Set in the closing theatres of the second world war you play as russian and american soldiers, trying to stop you from completing your goals are the usual mix of germans and new to the game japanese.

Whilst playing the campaign you will encounter banzai attacks, snipers flamethrower and the occassional dog, and im not talking the lassy kind. but with a well time melee attack, it will be down boy. and stay.
and with an updated and vast choice in weaponry you can stick it to fritz.(they do like it up em)

the main highlight of world at war is the online multiplayer option. with new games, perks and challenges you`ll be glued. games differ from the traditional ( capture the flag and deathmatches) to the bizzare( once completed you and four mates pit yourself against a horde of german zombies, which is a nice touch) all adding XP (Experience points) To unlock new features.

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