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what is the meaning of life?

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So surely he'd have done it by now? Why leave everyone to suffer?

what is the meaning of life?

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Poppy buttercup can I ask a question?

I'm sorry to hear you've been ill, and I'm glad that you found a way that helped you to deal with that.

But I'm intrigued why you think God should get the credit for you having adequate insurance on your computers, but have no part at all to play in your illness/ your Dad being made redundant/ the credit crunch etc.

As a sort of aside, how exactly is the credit crunch affecting you - it was a question on another thread and I'm intersted in how widespread the effects are.

what is the meaning of life?

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well because my dad has been redunt (can't spell) we haven't had 's money to save up for what's coming! thier are six people in my family! so we have to get less food that we used to live off! enough to keep us going. We cannot afford nice things you know luxires also my birthday is soon...22nd may and you get presents, but this year we can barely affiord presents whihc is also nice about the home insurance becuase they gave us a money card with £500 and we have some left over and my mum is useing it for my presents!

it's just hard to apdate to the changes agian....smiley - sadface

god bless

what is the meaning of life?

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Was his redundancy a result of the credit crunch? (ie banks not willing to lend each other money, so mortgages being more difficult to come by?)

Oh, birthdays are fun to look forward to, presents or no presents! What age will you be?

what is the meaning of life?

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I'll be sixteen!

No the redunancey was becuase he boss ran away to hawii with all the money the comapny had (including pay checks)! it wasn't a fun time but it that way! but my dad has found a job but becuase my dad was out of work for so long we have hardley anything saved and as the cost of living raised i can see my parents getting worried agian...!

I hate money!


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