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Wildlife Conservation Websites

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The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase

I strongly recommend that everybody interested in the conservation of the biodiversity of the world checks out these websites:

CRES - The Centre for the Reproduction of Endangered Species:
(URL removed by moderator)

This centre is part of the San Diego Zoo and it is geared towards the breeding of endangered animal species. There is interesting information about these species and news of positive programs.

The African Wildlife Foundation:
(URL removed by moderator)

News about conservation initiatives in Africa. They also publish very interesting online articles from their magazine, 'African Wildlife News'.

The Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation:
(URL removed by moderator)

They operate from Canada and Costa Rica and have a programs geared towards research, education, ecotourism and rainforest conservation

Conservation International:
(URL removed by moderator)

Scientific programs, awareness-raising campaigns, economic initiatives, sustainable development. Check it out!

The Tapir Conservation Fund:
(URL removed by moderator)

They have a very large gallery with lots and lots of fascinating pictures of tapirs. If you don't know what a tapir is, it is a piglike creature related to horses and rhinos. Go have a look! These fellas are doing great work to help conserve these little-known creatures.

Info about the global extinction crisis:
(URL removed by moderator)
Endangered Species:
(URL removed by moderator)

Extinct Species:
(URL removed by moderator)

And lastly a page with lots and lots of links to conservation-related websites:
(URL removed by moderator)
Visit these pages and leave these guys a message of support, and try to help them out in a more concrete way also if at all possible!

Wildlife Conservation Websites

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TheOkapi - Sensitive Scout...So Do It PROPERLY!

Greetings TUMP!
Thanks for those links...superb! I'm in the throwes of doing the work thing at the moment - *yawn* - but I've got some free time over the weekend, so I hope to be able tpo get the HIP pages up to date/completed very soon.
With the links you've provided and some other stuff that's come to light, I'm wondering whether or not to tag them on to the end of the appropriate page, or create a new page and link them back...this is assuming that you don't mind me C&P-ing your links into the page in question?
What do you think; new or tack on ?
Thanks again!
TheOkapi smiley - bigeyes

Wildlife Conservation Websites

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The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase

I think for now it'll do to just tag them on - because I am going to post a lot more links very soon. I think there ought to be one or more link pages that are entries in their own right - but before we can do that we need more research. I am thinking of writing such an entry myself and you can put a link to that on your H.I.P. page - or you can write such an entry. Or we can both write such entries. Doesn't matter. The more links there are and the more entries there are the better, because that increases the chance that someone will stumble across them and find his/her environment awareness raised.

Do whatever you want to and that you have the time for - it's not necessary that you put up all the links, for instance. If you want you can look at them and include only those that you find most interesting.

This coming week I'll have more for you. At this moment I'm doing drawings of lots of animals and I'm going to try and write entries for them soon. They'll eventually be linked to the Utopia Wildlife Park which will be linked to the Caf├ębar which is linked to your page - but nothing prevents the links from being shortened. The more links the better. Lots of work to do!

Let me just say I appreciate your interest and your dedication and your H.I.P. page tremendously. The world would be so much better if more people had similar attitudes.

Take Care

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