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'hatred is....

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...a choice, and not a very smart one.' is an excellent line. but we're fighting centuries-long hostilies in a giant chunk of the middle east. whatever educational system "they" have had has been insufficient.
i've not tried to read the Qur'am, but the vast deserts bring sandstorms and chaos, not stillness and peace.
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'hatred is....

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True. I think another part of the problem is that we have a fundamentalist culture that has tried to remain unchanged over the centuries running smack dab into 21st Century Western society where we eat change for lunch. Talk about culture shock.

That said, most of us manage to deal with culture shock without strapping on explosives. It's kinda hard to claim the moral and intellectual high ground if your solution to everything is blowing stuff up. (I find it interesting that people who claim that the US is The Great Satan have embraced one of our worst traits: violence. Sort of undermines their argument...)

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