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Flea Market: A445592 - Teotihuacan

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Entry: Teotihuacan - A445592
Author: The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528) - U104139

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A445592 - Teotihuacan

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I think I'll take this as its a fascinating site to visit and I'm sure I can knock it up into something more interesting....

hmmm university project on the most famous mesoamerican sites perhaps? smiley - smiley

Arrggh I must be going insane at that idea as I'm in the process of getting a uni project subbed at the moment anyway!


A445592 - Teotihuacan

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You still looking at this one Cardi, or can I nab it?

A445592 - Teotihuacan

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Sorry Matt it's finished but I've merged it into a university entry...see the front page here A9041924

The Teotihuacan (A9041168) and Tenochtitlan (A9041816) entries for this project are finished. I'm still working (I must admit to be very lazy with their progress smiley - blush) on the Chitzen Itza entry and I've not even started the entries for Monte Alban, Palenque and Dzilbilchaltun...I was also going to do Tikal but I've been so slack with the others I doubt I'd ever get it off the ground smiley - smiley

Did you just want to take over the Teotihuacan entry? I don't think theres any scope to take that over other than normal PR type criticism but I'd love for you to try your hand at one of the other cities. We could then submit the project as a collaborative entry then perhaps it'd stand a chance of getting finally getting finished!

Let me know what you think as I'm flexible, I just want to see them in the guide!

A445592 - Teotihuacan

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smiley - cool

I've recently written an Entry on the Nazca Lines in PR, so have got a taste for this now. smiley - ok

I could do something on the actual cultures themselves by way of introduction perhaps? - Olmecs through to Aztecs? Perhaps even something on Spanish invasion? I understand though that the Project is focussing on cities, so I could try my hand at Machu Pichu? Elsewhile let me look into some of the other cities that interest me, will get back to you, after I've looked through all my notes smiley - biggrin

Quite happy to lend a hand in casting eyes over as well if you like smiley - ok

A445592 - Teotihuacan

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Palenque is tickling me. Sign me up for that smiley - ok I'll work on it somewhere, then post you the A-number so you can do a cut and paste job into the Entry you've already begun for the Project smiley - smiley

I'll drop you a line on your PS regarding this stuff, to keep it off this thread smiley - cheers

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