Hiking in the Scandinavian mountains

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I have already written half of this entry, and it is tucked away somewhere on an external harddrive. Until I find it and see exactly where I stopped I will write stuff that I think I haven't written about.

Generall headlines

  • Equipment
  • Food
  • Tips

And Equipment split up in:
  • Boots
  • Backpack
  • Clothes and Tent
  • Kitchen and Tools

Sofar I've written Boots and Backpack. I have written the other stuff, but organised in a diffirent way and in Swedish. "Just" need to reorganise and translate.

Quick guide to Allemansrätten in Sweden (Need to controll that this is correct)

Allemansrätten translated directly means The Right of Everybody. It is most properly interpreted as the Right of Public Access. It is the rules that state how people can move in the Swedish countryside. Everybody, Swedish citizens and foreigners have the right to be in the countryside. The rules can be simplified into "Do not disturb, do not destroy". Here is a link to the Allemansrätten page by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket).

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