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2003 (or 2002 according to Beanie Babies) will be the Teddy Bear's 100th birthday.

:) History :)
The American version
Morris Michtom of New York made a toy bear and sent it to Theodore Roosevelt the 26th American president asking if he could name the bear after him as Roosevelt had spared the life of a bear cub which had been orphaned in a hunt.
The German version
Richard Steiff sketched the bears at Stuttgard Zoo and his aunt Margarete made a toy mohair bear based on these sketches. The Steiff family exhibited this bear at Leipzig Toy Fair where an order was placed for 3000 bears. In 1905 the Button in the Ear was patented as the offical trademark of the Steiff Teddy Bear.

:) Materials and Shape :)
The fur was originally made from mohair (from Angora goats) but is now made from man made fabrics.
The early teddy bears were taller and thinner and their faces were shaped more like those of a real bear with a protuding muzzle and eyes close together. The teddy bears of today are fatter and have flatter faces with eyes wider apart more like humans.

:) Famous Teddy Bears in the UK :)
Rupert - a white bear with hideous check trousers from a cartoon in the Daily Express newspaper (1920).
Winnie the Pooh - a yellow bear with a red shirt from the book (1921) by A A Milne.
Paddington - a bear who wore a duffle coat and hat from the book (1926) by Michael Bond.
Sooty - a yellow bear glove puppet created by Harry Corbett for a TV show in 1952.
Aloysius - Sebastian's bear from the book Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. Brideshead Revisited was made into a TV drama in 1980.
Pudsey - a yellow Teddy Bear with a bandage round his ear who is the mascot for the BBC's Children in Need.

:) Teddy Bear songs :)
The Teddy Bears Picnic
Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley

:) A word for people who love Teddy Bears :)
This is from the greek arktos meaning bear

:) Pseudo Teddy Bears :)
Pandas (racoons) <panda>
Koala bears (marsupials)
Polar bears

:) Teddy Bear fairy stories :)
Goldilocks and the 3 bears

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