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Hello again,

I had to write a quick entry about my favourite colour. Purple has no edited guide entry yet but many fans listed on the guide. When people are obessed by a colour, that colour is often purple, and I wonder if any of you have any idea why that might be?

A brief history of purple, A444700.

love jenny

ps I submitted this page to the guide twice. A bit daft really, so can my mistake be rectified?


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Xedni Deknil

Hi Jenny. Liked the article. I quite like purple too, in fact I have a slight colour-blindness that makes me see a shade of purple when other people see a shade of blue.

Something you might consider putting in: why is the Purple Heart purple?

XDsmiley - smiley


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Martin Harper

You've got nothing on purple being a colour of sexual frustration... huge oversight... smiley - winkeye


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Lisa the Freak // Poet by the Toga

Great entry, nice and detailed smiley - smiley


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is it really supposed to be a colour of sexual frustration?

I had no idea.

Perhaps this a topic you would be more suited to cover?

love and kisses

from an unfrustrated purple person.



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Martin Harper

Allegedly so. Goes with peeling labels off bottles and suchlike.

But that's exhausted my store of information on the subject, I'm afraid. smiley - smiley

Love from a dark blue person.


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Global Village Idiot

A most enjoyable read.

Perhaps there's a link between sexual frustration and bars of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, also purple?

I don't know if you should let the "purple haze" reference pass without mentioning Jimi Hendrix (especially as there's an article on him, http://www.h2g2.com/A248744 - the editors love bits that link the Guide together)

smiley - smiley


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Thanks for all the feedback,

I hope that this weekend I will get chance to tidy up the entry on purple and the Wigan entry, and then hopefully they can both go into the guide.

I'm a very busy purple bunny at the moment, and my little cotton tail is bouncing around in a frantic state.

Much love to everybody ever,


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