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Peer Review: A44363144 - Help Page Update: *Why be an Ace?*

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Entry: Help Page Update: *Why be an Ace?* - A44363144
Author: Alex Tufty Ashman [!] - "patron saint of atheism on h2g2" - U566116

This is a Help Page Update. Please feel free to comment on ways in which this Entry can be made more accessible and easier for new users to understand.

There are four "Why be a ...?" pages going through Peer Review:
<./>Scouts-Why</.> --> A44235579
<./>Subeditors-Why</.> --> A44237577
<./>Aces-Why</.> --> A44363144
<./>Gurus-Why</.> --> A44363829

Alex smiley - smiley

A44363144 - Help Page Update: *Why be an Ace?*

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aka Bel - A87832164

This looks good to me, Alex. I haven't had a look at the other 'Why' pages yet.
I've wondered whether it would make sense to point out that although the group is by invitation only, and you can 'be perfectly candid' in the mailing list, you never know who'll join the group next, so you'd best be careful with being too candid about fellow Researchers - they could read what you said if they joined the scheme at a later time.

A44363144 - Help Page Update: *Why be an Ace?*

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Oh Noodles! smiley - dontpanicsmiley - run

A44363144 - Help Page Update: *Why be an Ace?*

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I've emailed the Eds about the Why entries but they're a little busy, so I've been able to make the change you suggested. smiley - ok

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