A Conversation for The Meanings of Usernames

Analysis, please

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would researchers please post and let me know if I get it right or wrong? It's useful to know.Thanks.smiley - ta

Analysis, please

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I'm early twenties, a student, an office worker and shy in some situations.

Spot on smiley - smiley

The milo stuff is out but it could be anything with that name really

Analysis, please

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Captain_SpankMunki [Keeper & Former ACE] Thanking <Diety of choice> for the joy of Goo.

>The limed oak desks suggests a yearning for an older era in time<

Nope - sorry. Limed oak desks would be the 80s, they are an eyesore. I thought I would keep them all so no-one else would have to put up with them smiley - smiley

>Spank the munki is a euphenism for masturbation..<

>I think either you are young or have children yourself<

Both! But child in the singular.

>The Guide Dog is a computer programme so into science and computers.<

Yup smiley - ok

>Perhaps you are a writer? A writers desk?<


>You have a sense of humour and somebody loves you a great deal<


smiley - cheers


Analysis, please

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I have to admit i had no idea of what a limed oak desk looked like...could only think leather topped desk....probably old age setting in....

Analysis, please

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Captain_SpankMunki [Keeper & Former ACE] Thanking <Diety of choice> for the joy of Goo.

It looks like the oak has been painted white and them sanded back down so that grain is still white - they rub quick lime into it. It's topped off with a bit of fake-leather inlay to make it look like the piece of crap it is smiley - smiley


Analysis, please

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Young……yes, early 20's

Sense of adventure……well I'll try most things once. smiley - winkeye

Adapting to roles……… yep, I'll own up to that one. But only subtle differences depending on whether I'm surrounded by family, friends or strangers.

I've never role-played at all! I will admit to an interest in history, a love of fantasy books and an over active imagination. smiley - biggrin

Warrior Queen…. I was given a sword and taught how to use it this summer for a stage production, smiley - erm I was made a knight however, not a rampaging queen.

I'll go far………Who knows? At least I have time to prove myself.

smiley - cheers Hope that is useful,


Analysis, please

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thanks for that- I think...i'll stick to my oak desk my dad made...it's dark and plain and solid.I'm glad i've never seen one..sounds revolting!

What's the verdict?

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Otto Fisch ("Stop analysing Strava.... and cut your hedge")

My H2G2 name is Otto Fisch, but I nearly picked Norm De Plume. When I used to post to newsgroups years ago I used Urban Spaceman.

So how worrying does that make me???

Analysis, please

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Ah, thanks smiley - biggrin

I am young still smiley - smiley, but my name reflects an old nickname IRL, one that I still use online. Maybe you're right though *sigh* smiley - winkeye. Recently got married, right there. I'm English but I live in the USA smiley - ok. Likes a drink, moi? smiley - redwinesmiley - cheers

I'm a molecular biologist, so well done with the lab stuff.

A fan of the films, not necessarily the Tolkien books, but I do love Sci-Fi.

Overall, good job! smiley - oksmiley - ta

Stesmiley - earth

Analysis, please

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She of the Frogs

how about "She of the Frogs"? i am originally nicknamed The True Frog... hmmm...... smiley - biggrin

Analysis, please

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E G Mel

Well it's fairly accurate but it depends on how much you took straight from my user page! smiley - winkeye

I do take life at a rush, but I seem to make friends with people at the same pace as me, we have little but valuble time together and make the most of it.

I am not wrapped up in science, science is wrapped up in me! You try getting rid of it once you've let it get a hold!

Mel smiley - hsif

Analysis, please

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For EG mel ..I don't look at user pages unless someone hasn't seen their analysis ..then I leave a message. Im a psychologist and my job is to predict behaviour...I find doing this very useful.

Analysis, please

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E G Mel

In that case you did a good job, have a look at my user page to see!

Mel smiley - hsif

Analysis, please

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Researcher 209914


Analysis, please.

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Hello, here is my list of names: smiley - smiley

Goober, thelastgoober, gooberthelost, goober_rocks, jemimah, rocks_rock

I think that is all, thanks and looking forward to hearing back. smiley - biggrinsmiley - winkeye

Analysis, please.

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

Hi there
smiley - biggrin

So you are in the business of analysing names?

What about Leopardskinfynn? Is that *too* obvious? smiley - erm

Analysis, please

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ZERO United Friend of H2G2 Space

do you do real names? if you do, try this one Ambry tell me what it means

Analysis, please

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Mines fairly easy, but I was wondering how deep you go smiley - smiley

Analysis, please

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Hi everyone..I'm having problems with my phone connection...I haven't forgotten you and will do your analysis over the weekend ...BT premitting TabsX

Analysis, please

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Yes,I am the Lady Lowena!Get with the programme...

When you are not busy could you do mine? Thanks very much.Incidentally tea bags stay nice if you leave them in the pot overnight and then re-use themsmiley - smileyI have never gone much on the 'hanging them on the clothes line' theory.

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