A Conversation for The Meanings of Usernames

Khair-un-Nisa the Water Dragon

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

What do you think my nickname says about me?

Glooby, isn't it?

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I commonly go by Xenos (full psudomyn: Xenoskepsis Phrenic Psyche). I also go by Fake Plastic Trees (a music reference), Windshield Toast (mostly for the sheer nonsensicality of it all), or 53BananasAnd7PiecesOfCheese. No, wait, I just made up the last one, never mind.

Open for Analysing...

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tuc fortuneswell, Dax is updating his page

Please can you analyse my name Tuc Fortuneswell

Analysis, please

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I've had the name Isis since first becoming a 'nethead' in the first year at Uni many, many moons ago. Please look in your crystal ball and analyse me please!

Musing upon Tuc Fortuneswell

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Why doesn't anyone else have a go at these names?

This is not an official analysis thingy.....it's just what comes into my head when I read that name.
"Tuc Fortuneswell" sounds like fun and is just bristling with possibilities.
"Tuc" reminds me of the salty party biscuit of that name that used to be on sale here in the UK (still is, perhaps?). Are you crackers? hahaha!

"Fortuneswell" could be read as Fortune Swell or Fortunes Well both of which could indicate good luck or a (hoped for) upturn in, well...your fortunes. Are you superstitious?
Maybe it means "The Well of Fortune" though, which sounds much deeper (!). A bit mystical and grand, that one.
I guess that you believe in luck, taking chances, are a bit of a gambler, happy go lucky, positive thinker, optimist.

"Tuc" is short and snappy which suggests to me that you are a fun person, energetic, and quick.

Oh, and the "swell" bit reminds me of the sea. Maybe you like oceans or boats.


Why not try doing someone else's name? It is quite fun.

Musing upon Tuc Fortuneswell

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tuc fortuneswell, Dax is updating his page

Wow you're very good at this. The referance to boats, I work on the bt mothership as a rower although we row through space rather than on water. And I am down on my luck at the moment and i am awaiting my fortunes to swell. You truely are an antena of all knowledge

Musing upon Tuc Fortuneswell

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Crumbs! That was lucky guess.
Er... what is a bt mothership?
I have just looked at you home page and I don't quite get it. Are you an alien?

Musing upon Tuc Fortuneswell

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tuc fortuneswell, Dax is updating his page

I am a trog (not a member of that sixes pop group) from the planet troglodite. We are desendants of the human race. We escaped earth the year before christ was born (or so history has it) Our high priest saw the birth of christ and mistook it for the end of the world. And that my friend is all about me. And how I came to rowing on the bt mothership searching out new life forms

Musing upon Tuc Fortuneswell

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RedFish ><>

Do you wanna have a go at analysing my name?


I used to be known as FISHman, then was The Red Fish then became RedFish (evolution u c smiley - biggrin)

I also use these names on AIM:

FISHman Pulsar, I am a Mousemat, Mad but RedFish, Hass is Gut (German for "hate is good")

Have fun :-p

Musing upon Tuc Fortuneswell

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Jed the Humanoid -Keeper of things lost down the back of the sofa-also the Chief Mad Drunken Warrior of the Anti Squirrel League

I tried before but everyone ignored me..but I'll have a go at someone else's as well
I'm Jed the Humanoid..but also have gone under the guises Neon Suicide, Drygioni (Welsh for badness...i believe), Happy Daiz and Ray Suzuki.

Mr Redfish...I would guess that you are an indie/metal fan who does, or has done German at school...Red hair is a possibility..or just a penchant for the colour in general...if I'm right about the metal bit and you lean towards Goth..i suspect you like a dark red nail varnish...I also suspect you are a dab hand at Quake...but I have no proof of this..
So come on..tell me...what does my name mean...and how far off the target am i with yours

Analysing for Grey Area

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kats-eyes (psychically confirmed caffeine addict)

Hi Grey Area!

I do get the impression of somebody interested in limitations and boundaries, and looking further than those. Black-and-white artwork, gothic clothes and industrial music also leaps to mind.
and naturally I'm all wrong smiley - winkeye

For Isis

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Hi Isis
You wrote:
"I've had the name Isis since first becoming a 'nethead' in the first year at Uni many, many moons ago. Please look in your crystal ball and analyse me please!"

This is an interesting name with so many possibilities. I think it is an alternative name for part of the river Thames, so maybe you have lived near there? It is also the name of an Ancient Egyptian goddess (the goddess of ten thousand names!) Isis had the attributes of Beauty, Truth and Love. These are definatley important to you. Perhaps you have an interest or fascination for ancient mythology, mysticism etc.

I think Isis was also a hippyish movement in the 60s which was partly about self discovery and inward exploration. Maybe you are influenced by that era too? Did you find yourself?

Somehow, I think water is important to you. You have a sense of history. You are honest and value truth highly.
Isis has rhythym (sp?) so i guess that you like music and poetry.

It is, to me, quite a beautiful name.

Howsat, Isis?
Glad to see others having a shot at this.

For Isis

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Wow, pretty accurate, although I'm a bit young for the sixties and I don't think I've found myself yet.

I have a feeling that Isis was also a song by Dylan(?) as well as a student travel card!

Does the name 'Ommigosh' mean you are a permanently startled person perhaps?

For Isis

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Yep, I am pretty much dazed and confused most of the time and am constantly surprised by the things people do (including myself!).
Life is always full of discoveries and it is good to retain a sense of wonder.

You might be right about the Dylan song, I think that there is a fan magazine about him calleds "Isis" too.

Should have realised that you were too young for the 60s as you say you became at "nethead" at Uni.

Off to peek at your homepage now...


Analysis, please

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Jimi X

Jimi X


Cheers! smiley - smiley

Analysis, please

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Pellia Optima Maxima

Hello, it's me again. Only one person tried to analyse my name, and that was a VERY long time ago. Any more suggestions?

{Pellia Optima Maxima}

Analysing for braindead_geordie, aleta, nik, zzib

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Okay analyse this:

Das Mouldy Sandwich

Analysis, please

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Fred Smith

Hi, has anyone got any ideas what my names say about me;

On h2g2 I use the name fred_smith, I used to use ima_noir on some sites and sometimes I use crazy_ivan

Analysis, please

Post 359

Pinky Parker-Tourettes

well, Mr Smith,
Fred is one of the easiest names to type (a quick twirl of the left hand and it's done) and has echos of stout English homelines; as does Smith. But then again, 'common anonimity' can hide a multitude of sins.

Ima noir - indicating a darkness of soul perhaps? or a sence of nihilistic emptyness....

Crazy ivan - isn't that a swift veering to left or right by a submarine? (See "The Hunt for Red October")

All in all, I think you're trying to apear quite harmless on the surface, but with hidden depths. May I suggest you could also use Iceberg, or Black Swann?

Oh - and I suppose I've now opened myself up for reciprocation haven't I?

Analysis, please

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Fred Smith

You are pretty much right about my nickname Fred Smith. Especially the part about 'common anonimity.'
Someone else actually gave me the nickname Ima Noir during a role-playing game about the Evil Empire. I often use it when I'm trying to indicate evil.
You've pretty much got everything right smiley - smileyI'll probably use Iceberg next time I use a chat-site.

I honestly don't have a clue about your Nickname. I would guess that your favourite colour is pink. Pinky Parker sounds to me like the name of a fairly friendly and care-free person. However the word Tourettes might be refferring to Tourette's Syndrome, which I think is anxiety related. To me this would indictate that you are under a large amount of stress.
I'm sorry if all this is wrong smiley - smiley

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