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I dunno

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Marvin [patron saint of cynicism]

I don't know if this really fits with the guide. Perhaps if it was more along the lines of how to get involoved for certian issues and not so much an activism recuitment poster. The graphics are interesting, but the placement needs refinement. I think that overall it is a great idea and will be an exellent refrence page for those who are concerned with current events.

You are quite the hummanitarian.


I dunno

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TheOkapi - Sensitive Scout...So Do It PROPERLY!

I wouldn't say it was a recruitment campaign, but as a resource, I think it does fit with the Guide!
If people want to get involved in campaigns, they will, anything that is put on the HIP page is there as a source of information...I'm not going to beat people over the head with cyber-stick! They follow the links, then follow their own conscience...they can either tut-tut and carry on with what they are doing or just bang an email off to someone somewhere and let it be known that they disagree with what is happening in Tibet or Colombia or East Timor or...or...or...
And as to getting involved, well as I say, follow the links, read the articles - that's what they're there for.
Thanks for giving it a read and drop by in a week or so (I hope!) when the other two pages should be pretty much ready.
TheOkapi smiley - bigeyes

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