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This is an entirely new venture for me, and, I think, H2G2.
So what,exactly, is H.I.P. ?
It's the Humanitarian Interests Page!
The idea is to provide links and information for H2G2 Researchers and those who are merely curious, about
Humanitarian issues, whether that be Human Rights, Environmental issues, Child-based areas of concern or...
anything that you think should be included in these pages.

As this is 'experimental', let me know if you have any ideas or if you have any suggestions for links to articles within
H2G2, or outside for that matter!
I hope to be able to turn this page into a sort of index, with links to incorporated pages with a wealth of information about humanitarian organisations.

We're all of us guinea pigs in the laboratory of God,

Humanity is just a work in progress.
- Tennessee Williams, Camino Real

H.I.P. Categories

Incursions upon Human Rights and the Environment are a spectre that haunt us for much of the time.
Whether we choose to become involved or mereely stand on the side lines, is, ofcourse, a matter of choice.
In putting together this site, I have visited innumerable web pages for an huge number of worthy bodies.

It would not be possible to provide links to everything that's out there so, inevitably, some of the searching is going to be left up to your own curiosity; follow the links on the pages you visit and, like me, you'll be stunned by the number of things that are happenning in the world that beggar belief!

What Goes Where?

In trying to decide just how to categorise the pages, I toyed with a number of ideas. Eventually I decided upon two basic categories: Environmental and People.
It is inevitable that there will be a cross over between these two, but hopefully, this will be kept to a minimum.
It was intended to include a Political category, but it seems that the politics of the many situations that you will come across in exploring these pages can be readily included therein - look for the sub-headings!

All the links will not be to external sites - that kind of defeats the object of being here on H2G2 - there will be many links to other Researchers' Home Pages and to as many relevant Edited Entries that I have been able to find!

How Can YOU Help ?

Use the resource; make suggestions; point me in the right direction;draw our attention to issues that you think need airing...in short get involved!
But getting involved is what we're all about, otherwise we none of us would be here in the first place!

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

With a topic as vast as this, it is only to be expected that there will be some disagreement as to which topic belongs on which page. Broadly speaking, the Environment highlights mans interaction with his surroundings and the other creatures with whom he is supposed to co-exist - other than Homo Sapiens.

The People page deals with issues such as hunger, gender, torture and the way people interact with and treat each other. There will be overspill and some will think that certain items in People should be in Environment and vice versa...but to start, let's look at the way we all deserve to be treated - our rights as human beings.

Have a look at The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - this is what we should ALL be expecting as our right...but some of us aren't even getting the very basic rights.

Or there's an article here on H2G2 about The European Convention on Human Rights , which gives an excellent breakdown of this worthy tome and also provides a link for you to read the actual document itself...should you have a spare week or three!

Even with this multiplicity of paper and a veritable bucketful of countries all adding their signatures to the Conventions, in an effort to ensure all people have what are considered to be the basic human rights, certain groups still remain marginalised.

Man playing a didgeridoo
Indigenous peoples, for instance. Whether Australian Aboriginals or Colombian U'wa, these people have the right to access the Conventions in the same way as everyone else...or do they?
This group doCIP link indigenous peoples to the United Nations and if you visit here, there are many links to sites run by indiginous action groups.

The Rainbow Flag
Another group who feel so marginalised, that they have been moved to set up their own Human Rights Commission, are the Gay and Lesbian community all over the world. This Commission also assists transgendered people, Bi-sexuals and those with HIV and AIDS. Take a look at The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission website, and find what goes on. Or doesn't !

Founded in 1863, but now completely worldwide, with its sister organisation, The Red Crescent, The Red Cross is not just about jumble sales and Vicars' tea-parties! A truly global humanitarian organisation, go and see what the
I.C.R.C. actually do and achieve!

It's the End of the World As We Know It...

Diagram showing chaos theory

It's frightening to think that we could all, in one way or another, be committing suicide!
Poisoning our planet with chemicals; wars; nuclear power.
Have a look at how we might eventually do the deed at
Extinction Level Events or, on the other hand, you might like to see How to be Planet Friendly ...it's never too late to learn!

War is a good way to go, but some of us are Clicking for Peace , although others are still a little dubious of this particular innovation; decide for yourself!
And if you're interested in a tale about the horrors of war, go and read the moving story of
Sadako and the Peace Crane . We can all work towards peace, no matter how we try to get there!

Japanese girl surrounded by origami cranes

Where To Next ?

Whetted your appetite? GOOD! There's even more on the rest of the H.I.P. site.
Have a look at The Environment or check out
The People page.
We're all in this together folks - let's get it sorted, or it will all end in tears!!

Three green arrows in a cycle and various bits of waste all forming the outline of a heart or a recycling symbol - depending on your perspective
" We are the heart of the problem and the heart of the solution."

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