The Early days of Beffry

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This is the planet Beffry. And on the planet Beffry are an advanced race of beings. These beings are taken from their families at birth to begin their training at the Decromy, their grand school of learning. They rarely get the chance to meet their parents, though usually they meet them at least once, each time they progress to another level in the system. However occasionally some are brought in and never see their parents... simply because their parents have died. However on Beffry this is indeed a rare occurance...

"He doesn't even have a name. And we are in no position to give him one", said the high lord in charge of selection, well aware of the power of names.

"He must have a name, or how will the child get by in life? He'll go through his entire phase before his first metamorphasis, without anyone being able to refer to him!" said the high priest of immortality.

"Well the precedent of past years," said a old wise high lord of the inner chambers "Has been to raise the child for 8 years under the title of 'Orphan', and then wait until the childs 8th birthday and then let him decide."

The rest of the group grumbled for a moment, but ultimately agreed, that the child without parents should be known as 'Orphan'.

"Or'an!", yelled a girl across the forrest. "Where are you Or'an?"

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