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"Killer robots in tutus? Where?"

"oh you do seem to get completely lost at times you, look over there!", said Jo McFoylon.

The flibbles monitoring their sanity, were not happy with the situation but for now they just jibbered in agreement and let the killer robots walk towards the murderous hens.

"Fred!" Shoulted Tomp, "Frederich Jipor, come here right now!", said a poor murderous mother hen.

But no one would remember what happened to them because of their poor memory.

Tommy however would enjoy this. But again he would forget. In fact they would all forget what had happened to them. This was just one of those things.

The hippo yawned... and then all the madness turned in to pink bubbles... and Jack Swank, sharp shooter woke up. It wasn't a very masculine way for a cowboy to wake up. But as far as he was concerned this was all still part of the dream. He didn't realise the dream had become real because of him.

He wasn't sleeping very well, was Jack though. So he tended to day dream. However now his daydreams seemed to be coming to life!

This somewhat mindbogglingly terrifying thought was disasterous for anyone in the immediate vioscinity of Jack.

Jack yawned. The building shook as a dream made killer robot attacked the building, and then disappeared in to nothingness.. Jack shruigged his shoulders and continued.

Jack wasn't an especially successful Cowboy. Mostly because he was born and raised in Milton Keyens, where there is generally very little demand for cowboys. And he wasn't allowed guns any more. Not after the incident with the pigeons and the trampoline. And the law of course.

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