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It's really pathetic the lengths that people go to to keep covered up, but for goodness sakes we ALL have these bits 'N' pieces, and I'm sure we've all seen them before (yes even your 89 year old auntie), so why go to all the trouble ?.(apart from to keep warm)
Also why is it acceptable to show a naked baby on t.v. adverts, but there would be an outcry if ever a naked adult were shown ?. Were all adults not babies at one time or another ?.


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I completly agree with you. Especially about the adverts. In fact, nappy companies seem obsessed with showing naked babies on their adverts. Maybe they think that by showing naked babies, we think: "Oh how cute. I must buy nappies straight away." I have never understood, why they think this, but I've come to accept it . . . over time.


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I notice Pampers in particular has a fondness for showing some hand model fondling a standing child's naked bum in their ads.
And in order to get people who will perform as asked, most young actors in diaper ads are past toilet training age. Hope nobody you know sees it... That'd haunt you FOREVER.


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usually young people shown naked is called child ponography (infant pornography) and you would think that putting naked children on the tele would be worse than adults.


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Not really as for (I hope) the vast majority of people showing a baby on screen provokes an 'Aaaah s/he's so cute' response. With naked adults the repsonse is directly based in sexuality, which most people don't really like to confront head on.


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nudity is honesty - if people arent honest with their thoughts its not surprising they arent honest with their bodys
nudity isnt sex - its often quite the reverse - its the normal little cover-ups that are sexy

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