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Okay, so it's blatent self-advertisement, but I feel the story of the soggy cardboard must be told! smiley - smiley


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Z-R, sorry to take so long to find someone who's interested enough to comment on this, but these things are a bit of an interest of mine, partly because I've a few coeliac friends to whom they are godsends...smiley - tongueout!

So, a few things which might be added to your article, which would probably swell its length by some way:-

- how expensive are ricecakes? Where do you get them from, and who eats them (remember, the 'Guide is, even if only ostensibly, a guide for hitchhikers, and this sort of information is useful...smiley - smiley)?
- why are they so popular with dieters? What is it about them that makes them filling and quite nutritious, but comparatively (and, after toppings, ONLY comparatively) harmless to waistlines?
- if they really DO taste like 'soggy cardboard', why are they so popular and/or useful?

A little more detail on how they're made probably wouldn't go astray, either...smiley - tongueout! Potentially VERY useful and recommendable, but needs some more work, I think...

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Suggestions taken and noted, will be updating in a few days...... *g*

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The changes look good, but as a matter of protocol I am suggesting this thread be moved tot he Sin Bin due to improper formatting at the head (no link to the article).
Never fear though, I am posting the replacement thread smiley - smiley

~Beeblefish (Scout) smiley - fish

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Fair enough my friend! smiley - smiley

Cheers smiley - smiley

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