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Marijuana medicine

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A number of years ago I fell prey to the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Different people experience different symptoms and severity of this illness but of course fatigue is prevalent.

My main symptoms whilst bedridden were: SEVERE fatigue but unable to sleep. I started turning off foods that I had always liked and often off food altogether. I experienced "mystery" pains throughout my body and of course I suffered the frustration of being unable to get out of bed. Even going to the bathroom was something I had to psyche myself up to for up to an hour.

Then a friend brought me some marijuana. It helped me sleep, it gave me the munchies and I was able to eat, it reduced the pains I was experiencing and stopped me from getting depressed through inactivity.

My doctor was very pleased when the overt phase of my illness lasted a mere three months. Within 5 I was working part time within a six months, full time. This all happened 8 years ago and I still have to be careful to look after myself, but I have no doubt that the marijuana helped me.

I don't know if it should be made legal, I kind of think so, but I'm not really sure.

In terms of it being used for medical purposes, however, I am a strong advocate. The pain associated with illnesses such as osteoporosis, I believe, could be dulled with this natural herb. Quality of life is so important and life without pain is precious. Wouldn't it be nice if people could get such relief without having to take drugs like morphine?

Marijuana medicine

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The medicinal uses of marijuana are many, as the british medical associaton have finally had to admit. As regards to making it legal as a prescription drug, even the association of cheif police officers have been advocating this (quietly) for a number of years, and if the police don't mind it being used as a medicine, I don't see why the "moral majority" should get away with withholding valid and useful medical treatment just because they don't like the sociological implications of other people using the stuff.


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Marijuana medicine

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Some of the medical uses of cannabis are discussed at [URL removed by moderator]. If the foregoing sentence is unacceptable to the overlords (can I put a URL in here?) let me say this:
Some of the medical uses of cannabis are discussed at the Jack Herer link on my homepage.

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