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Voting for the h2g2 Virtual President Elections ends on the 18th of September.

I regret to announce that unfortunately (for me, anyway) I won't have regular access to h2g2 from the 12th of September to the 22nd. This means I will probably miss the critical last week of voting. I know that this seems irresponsible to many people, so please take the time1 to read my very good reasons for not attending these important events; and why I feel that you should vote for me.

Peregrin is DEDICATED to Researching for the Guide and the Post

I am taking this time out to do some in depth investigation and research for the Guide, and additionally, spending the last shreds of my time doing some important reporting for the Post.

Every single thing that I am doing over the next ten days, will be done for the good of h2g2. I am spending money - MY money - on visiting interesting and culturally important parts of the United Kingdom.

I would go somewhere other than Great Britain for my holid... er, business trip, but my limited finances restrict me.

Peregrin will be investigating the LATEST developments in our nation's capital

This week, I intend to travel to the distant and fabled city of London. Once there, I will sample the latest and greatest culture, solely so I can report them back to YOU, the valued readers of h2g2.

I will be accompanied by my dedicated assistant and security advisor, Amy the Ant; and when needed, I will call for my friend and collegue Roasted Amoeba to help us. Together, we will risk life and limb researching the best and most cultured parts of London.

These include the prestigous New Tate Gallery, and the controversial Millenium Dome. We are sacrificing our own valuable time to find out more about these recent developments so that we can report back to YOU. We will also, time permitting, encounter the dangerous and terrifying London Eye. If we survive that, rest assured that we will give you a full report, so that you can decide whether it is worth the risk to visit these exotic parts of the World.

Peregrin keeps up to date with the LATEST technological developments

Amy the Ant and I also plan to attend the Computer Arts conference held in London. This Thursday, we intend to spend the entire day perusing the latest developments in the artistic side of the computing world. This will give you a valuable insight into this subject from the comfort of your own computer; you will not even have to watch the tedious presentations, of the latest technology from around the world, yourself.

Peregrin is willing to take RISKS to bring you interesting reading

Finally, I will be going on a journey into the depths of the British wilderness; North Wales. For an entire week, I will be braving the elements and the fierce terrain, in a cosy holiday cottage near Beddgelert. I will be cut off from all civilization; there's no TV and my mobile phone doesn't get any reception from there.

When - and indeed, if - I return, I will give full reports of these two very different parts of Great Britain. Remember, I am doing all of this for YOU, the h2g2 Researcher.

So - vote for Peregrin. He's so dedicated to h2g2 that he's not even going to be available for the last few days of the election.

A taster

I have already started this bout of researching. This weekend I went to the 'Last Night of the Proms' - otherwise known as BBC's Proms in the Park. This fantastic cultural event is covered by Bluebottle in this week's Post.

I also spent more of my precious time by attending the Criterion theatre to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company's 'Entire Works of Shakespeare (Abbreviated)'. This dedication by a Presidential candidate is unsurpassed. I sat through, and avidly watched, the ENTIRE works of Shakespeare. And I can tell you, you haven't properly seen Hamlet, until you've seen it done in 30 seconds - backwards.

The research continues.

While I'm not here...

Although I and a major player in my election committee are not around, be assured that my team will continue to do their best to take care of any requests that you have. My previous bri... FREE Offers, are still available. If you find a need for a small plastic collectable dinosaur, an urge for a curried lamppost, or just need a good hug from a friend, please ask my able vice president Bluebottle. He will be happy to help you - but remember that his time is limited too. He is currently engaged in some 'urgent research' with Eccles.

I may have brief access to h2g2 occasionally, or be able to send some data to ShazzPRME, so hopefully I will be able to bring you my usual regular updates2 and new policies all the same.

So I urge you to vote Peregrin - he may not be the most social of candidates, or even the most manipulative, but he is dedicated to h2g2 and you, the researchers.

Peregrin's Campaign Headquarters

The Polling Booth

1It's not as if you have anything better to do, anyway.2Well, once a month is regular isn't it?

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