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Benoit Couture
Edmonton, Alberta 00112

March 22, 2005

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To whom this may concern, please read the whole thing before discarding it. Yes it is critical, but with a solution to repair what I criticise,
Thank you, Benoit Couture

Dear Mr. President,

Now, in 2005, the dream of United States has grown so big and reached so far, that they have monopolized in the psyche of the world’s population, the exclusive use of the term American for the citizens who are born and who live within the borders of United States. America goes from Artica to Antarctica. As a Canadian citizen, I see the opportunity available from Alberta to Quebec and from coast to coast to coast to coast, to get together to say “here we are Mr. Bush, to help you and the United States, to define the Americas from within the true scope of whom we really are meant to be, once together…

Alberta’s 4th Klondike
It is human nature to have and to maintain distance between us. When mishandled, that distance causes discomfort. It then rapidly becomes defences that hit against defences, activating fear and anger that feed misunderstandings. Once violence erupts, it causes a chain-reaction that can eventually bring us, as we are now, in the ready state of human terror and horror. The horizon of humanity is in the healing journey and the present world crisis gives Alberta an opportunity for our 4th Klondike!
This is the invisible gold rush, the one to make sense of the first 3 Alberta Klondikes of golden, green and black gold, in light of the
global clashing climate! Because of the energy resources in our economy, we, Albertans are given a special position to lead Canadians to strengthen our place in the western world. We are needed to provide the starting point for the healing trail that the entire world populations are in need to witness and to participate in! By launching the updating and the healing of Canadian democracy from within the context of a sovereign Albertan-Quebecois challenge, energies can be channelled to raise the bridge of our unity, from the Covenant designed to heal us from the stress that feeds and leads on the crisis of human terror. Albertans are aware of the need and are now requested to move where from we host the faculty of living! In doing so, along with Canadians from coast to coast to
coast, we can, provide a safety valve to the human race, in the US transfer of energy supply from Saudi to Wood-Buffalo. George W. Bush has had to win some personal battles in the inner man’s war, in order to be made ready for President. Let us please, dear Canadians, bring on our unity to rise up to rescue Mr. George Bush, his followers and the US Presidency. Let’s be the alternative to set them free from the blind agitation of military intelligence! Let us reach the victory of maturity, to take our place as the offering from a people of God, so that we overcome the historical
temptation of worldly Christian might. ”Mr. Bush, you now stand on
the threshold of the crossroad, where in the one direction, you will go on helping America and the market economy to fuel the fire of mortal appetites in the bush of the great prostitute, or, in the other direction, you can stand before God until He ignites you into His Presence by His Word and brings you to experience the New Covenant’s burning bush. There, His Spirit enables His children to know Him, His will and His instructions for any questions we might have. By such stand of His people, Yahweigh (or any name by which you relate to Life-Force) gets to demonstrate His victory lane! Americans and the entire world population need to follow the lead driven by the powerful Spirit of love and of wisdom, to show us how to overcome evil from the inner justice He gives, with the peace He
grows from within each one and by His joy to strengthen us in our
journey. The alpha and omega of decision making reside there. No human can love his enemy, bless those who curse them, to do good to those who hate them nor to pray for those who mistreat and persecute them, except for the individuals who live by the life you claim to live by, and for that, the Lord of Life of Justice and of Peace does not need our weapons, but rather, our obedience. The image you try to project to the world from the start of your Presidency, Mr. Bush, is one opportunity granted like never before by the Creator to you and to the entire Christianity on Earth, to bow to the Spirit of all prophecies…the testimony of Jesus-Christ amongst His creation!!! May God give the man you are, to grow into the janitor He and we need, to clean up the vision of America’s Presidency, in view of
the global freedom of individual liberty…amen! Benoit Couture,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following is the theme song for a televised series to gain momentum in Alberta, to coincide with our centenial.

2005 is the year when I turn one hundred years old! One century spent to define the life within brand new borders, where borders had never existed before, but where nations had flourished for thousands of years, and in 1905 the time had arrived for the Empire to stretch to the west in hope for improvement. When I was named as a Canadian province, John Campbell wrote to his wife: "In token of the love which thou has shown for this wide land of freedom, I have named a province vast and for its beauty famed by thy dear name. " Thus was I introduced to the nations, with a name of the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria… …Alberta is my name, t'was inspired with honor from a man's love for his wife, known to be strong, artistic with exquisite taste! That couple was forward-looking people,
concerned for the less fortunate. The name they gave me placed me well to avoid the Eastern mistakes of the Empire. I've now been led past the threshold, at the top of the material world. Not long before my centennial, the Empire was dragged into terror. And so if I am to celebrate It must be from a wise vision of humility and of service for mankind. There's just no time to pretend that all is well the way it is…
…Let the ones who are and who will be me into Life's sacred fire, the invisible gold rush, thus entering the celebration that never ends, the celebration in the Spirit of Life, Oh nobly bright and illustrious, Radiant of the Spirit of justice, peace and joy.
And so from Emily Murphy to Betty Hewes to Jan Arden to Lois Hole from Grant MacEwan to Ian Tyson to the Mannix and Manning families. We can see through my past century enough potency of meaning for anyone to catch on fire in the Faith and Hope that settles our humanity Into the simplicity. Of the majesty we are all created to be living in, the majesty of the Eternal, who's love secures my destiny in the meaning of my name: "Nobly bright and illustrious". is what Alberta means. Such Albertan I grow to be by the Spirit of wisdom and love, as I care for the less fortunate.
Benoit Couture © Subsense Publishing and Promotion

...then to Canada from Quebec to unite the French and Eglish in the
Aboriginal dance of joy... CALL to CANADA Could we reach the
agreement that it's the whole world who is in need to see a place like Canada to show that free will can be a good thing.
In 1945 we were invited to join a deal. Most of the nations had great hope to bring peace among humans.
After fifty some years, great challenges are facing us. The deal has
not provided what we forgot to look after.
We just cannot go on, building wealth for me, myself and I, while our loving for each other remains hidden behind divisions.
We've got to grow from that bottom line that has been in use and bring about that sense of belonging, bonded beyond the business fences.
Maybe we haven't understood that prosperity only comes
to us from who we are together and not from what we do to each other.
We have all it takes to become heaven on earth; we have been blessed with wealth, now let's lead wealth to prosperity.
Believe it or not, it is the whole world who is in need to see a place like Canada to show that the renewing Covenant is unity for humanity. Benoit Couture © Subsense Publishing
and Promotion

The name SUBSENSE is composed with the words:
Substance and essence. It is to promote unity in Canada that Subsense Publishing and Promotion comes into existence. The question we addressed is: How do we host the discipline of life’s sanctity, from the individual personal care to the maturity of mutuality in the family and in the community, within the Canadian context? The spectrum of our work is focused on verbalizing the answer to the twofold question on the discovery of applicable meaning (essence) and how to cultivate its embodiment to
completion (substance), when and where the need arises individually,
domestically, culturally or socially.
The service we offer is to develop methods of approach to reach out and/or to train individuals, families and communities to develop healthy lives and conditions, always addressing both simultaneously. To begin our publishing and promotion service to Canadians, we studied four questions. They are:
1-“What is the essence of a relationship and how do we substantiate its dynamics to go from strangers to family, into the ongoing renewal of a healthy mutuality?”
2-“What is the essence of health, education and environment, and, how do we substantiate personal and communal awareness in the state of maturity and wisdom, free from the confinements of uniformity and of conformity?”
3-“How do we absorb the energies of individuals who are withdrawn in
self-destruction and/or violence, in exchange to commune to and with
them, in the essence of the inner life that ignites human existence to the substance of complete caring?”
4-“How can the answers to these questions be harnessed, refined and
processed as the essence to foster our multi-cultural identity, and to thereby, substantiate unity amongst Canadians, secure in the bond and the growth of our citizenship’s heritage of personal, cultural and social health and wellness…amen?!”
The stages begin with one’s personal Acquisition of the taste for Health. Then, once stabilized into The Faculty of Living, he/she joins amongst the Correctional Family Circuiting until the firm establishment into the Ministry of Reconciliation. Thus is being built the Canadian Health Trail, emerging upon the Land of
Emanuel. Benoit Couture Edmonton Alberta, Canada


“THE QUIETNING SILENCE of the PATIENT WISDOM” is the name for the arrow of justice to reach the target of Canada’s constitutional completion. This arrow is made of the hunger and of the thirst for the justice and for the peace needed to be blessed upon the Aboriginal people first, and for all who can relate with the need for the renewal of the mature socio-cultural development of our citizenship.
This is the name of the healing movement entering the
trans-generational currents of living and nourishing inner waters. We shall start to take Canadian citizenship safely out of the snare of our accumulated past mistakes of timeless proportions. The target of this exercise is to raise the community life until it reaches the fulfilment of the preamble, at the top of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. At the moment, that preamble says in English: “Whereas Canada is founded upon principals which recognize the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law”.
In French, instead of “Rule of Law” it says: “The Pre-Eminency of the Right”. When Subsense Publishing and Promotion is done with their purpose, the preamble will read in all concerned languages as opposed to each its own: “Whereas Canada is founded upon principals which recognize the Supremacy of God, the Rule of Law balanced with the pre-eminency of the Right, meeting to be fostered in “THE QUIETNING SILENCE of PATIENT WISDOM”. This will happen as a result of Justice deploying its restoration in the broken hearts and spirits and cause balanced living to grow. The patient wisdom shall guide each open heart from isolation and/or anguish, to the health of inner home, where the quietning silence gets to be received to cause balance to grow in the joyful fulfilling of serenity.
Then comes the discipline of questing together for home in the
Correctional Family Circuiting, by the union of the powerful Spirit of peace, joy, love and wisdom. This is the entry into the Land of
Emmanuel, where the Cleansing River is, which shall begin the renewal and the transformation from the old to the new living, for all who so desire to enter into the better future now. The stability in developing this culture depends on how faithfully the three hosting cultural elements of Canada accept the mutual subjection to one another, upon the integrity of the ground to acquire and to spread the desire to live well and the discipline to foster the taste for health. Benoit Couture and family,
Benoit Couture

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