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Hello everyone, or really to just you as you are the only one reading this..

First of all, thanks to the Born Again Tart for that poigniant prose from Sept 12. I think that language is a wonderful tool in the hands of the rational person and I admit to being moved by her(/his) heartfelt comment..
So to the subject. It's commonly beleived that the human brain uses between 15% and 25% of it's available capacity on our everyday, random, dumb thoughts (less if your name starts with a George W....). This means, obviously, 75% to 85% is left to some other use that, as yet, we have no knowledge of, which seems a bit strange as we think through our brain and therefore, we are keeping secrets to AND from ourselves.. This should really mean that everyone on the planet has a Schizophrenic disorder, and those who have been diagnosed are actually not only normal, but honest as well... If, as science and the theory of Progressive/Aggressive Evolution would have us beleive, we are the most advanced animal on the planet, the apex predator, the singular-able terrafoming species on the planet (I apologise to any ants/termites that are reading-capable here..), why do tourists get eaten in Australia, Africa, Papua New Guinea etc because they don't sense that there's a crocadile/ alligator/ Boomslang/ Komodo Dragon etc two feet from thier backside when they get caught short.. The measurement of an animals brain-capability is, like the suffering of those in the poorest countries, not profit-beneficial, so has never been more than a university student thesis, but, I would ask you that the next time you look at your dog or cat or duckbilled platypus,(by the way, if you do keep a duckbilled platypus as a pet.. Sell it, release it or move home without telling it.. Those are a seriously poisonous mammal, no, bird, no, reptile, no... erm, animal), ask yourself if you would rather have a nose that works up to 700 times better, ears that listen 40 times harder, night-vision thats 20 times better and, in some cases, a device for detecting electrical activity (see duckbilled platypus) than a brain that works at 25% of capacity..

PS. As a umpy Old Man, smileys would just be a diss of my rep...

A Thought For The Weak (Of Thought..) Animal Community..

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Haa, I might not be Grumpyy, as i can't spell it..

A Thought For The Weak (Of Thought..) Animal Community..

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Titania (gone for lunch)


Sabian, any special reason why you chose to post your thoughts in a new thread over at the Crossed Purposes pub?

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A Thought For The Weak (Of Thought..) Animal Community..

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