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These laws are apparently still valid in the British legal today, having not been repealed since they became obsolete. I do not guarantee their truth. However, they may be of some use to some hitchhiker somewhere:

Being caught short:
According to British law, a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants. But most importantly, she can, upon request pee in a Policeman's helmet.
It is also totally legal to urinate upon the rear inside wheel of any vehicle (this apparently dates back to the days when it was considered the norm to pee on your neighbours cart.

Taxi drivers:
British taxi drivers must, by law carry a shovel and a bale of hay in the back of their hackney cab. (Again, dates back to when they all drove horses and carriages.

It is illegal to celebrate Christmas, it must be treated solely as a religious festival, although no-one is likely to prosecute nowadays as the last conviction was in the puritan days of Cromwell.

Any question a policeman asks you, you may apparently ask it back. So the correct response to "What is your name?" is; "No, what's your name?".

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