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Mike A (snowblind)

99% of this entry (barring the sentance at the bottom) has been lifted straight from the bio on the multimedia section of debut album Spit!

Kittie are ok...sound very similar to Slipknot...and most death metal bands I hear...similarity in the music they play. Can't give 'em no stick though. It's good music. Just wish the mags would stop obsessing over the fact they are Gurls. "Woah man, gotta run another article on that crazy fact!". Get a grip...

Rock on, mate.


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You have a point on the girl thing, but there are very few of us venturing into the world of heavy metal and double bass drumming. Which is a shame, and maybe seeing other people doing it will help.
There are quite a few all girl bands, but most prefer the punk side of it.
In a band with only 1 girl, most of the time she's expected to be a singer. But thats the way it is, and most guys aren't fussed whatever gender you are, but some can get really picky about it. Trust me, I know. Even in just the kind of brass band, there are guys (or at least 1) who get mardy when a girl who is nearly equal in ability moves onto there turf. Dead eyes and the like result.

Sorry about the rant.smiley - rainbowAnd indeed, rock on\m/

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