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Entry: Wonko the sane - A4222513
Author: dolphin-dude - U1644356

No-one has submited anything on such an important character in so long and thanks for all the fish

A4222513 - Wonko the sane

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Hi there - it looks like you're quite new around here, so welcome! smiley - cheers

You've submitted your entry to Peer Review, which is for entries that meet the Writing-Guidelines and whose authors want to get them into the Edited Guide. Have you had a chance to read some Edited Guide entries, and get a chance to see what it's about?

This website isn't so much a fan club for the Hitchhikers books (or the movie or the radio shows). Instead, it's an actual, living guide to life here on Earth -- which means the entries we write for the Edited Guide (and submit to Peer Review) are about life on Earth, rather than life in the Hitchhikers books.

Are there things you might be interested in writing an entry on? Like your hometown, or school, or favorite hobby, or something else that really interests you?

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the site, or about the Edited Guide and Peer Review.

smiley - cheers

A4222513 - Wonko the sane

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Pdmatthew - Probably In a corner somewhere with a guitar

Another note on top of what Mikey here has said i don't think even on a relevant subject that this would be anything near a descent guide entry, its way too short, i mean a few hundred words too short. What you should do is go through the guide reading entries, then pick a subject to write about that you cant find another entry anywear written regarding it and write a little essay of sorts, objectively. Then at least well have something to give you pointers on smiley - smiley


A4222513 - Wonko the sane

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Jimi X

Besides, we've progressed (regressed?) since Douglas forwarded this idea...

We now have warning labels on everything, including cups of coffee which state 'contents may be hot'. smiley - erm

smiley - laugh

A4222513 - Wonko the sane

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I hate to spoil the fun.. a packet of toothpicks could realistically have instructions, where toothpicks themselves need no instructions. It is ambiguous - Wonko was flipped by the need for instructions for toothpicks themselves, but in the HHGTTG writing how clear was this?

When you see a class of school children being led across a road and only a couple look at the traffic, and you see speed ramps slowing vehicles down to the pace of a snail to cope with accidents, you know things are going wrong. So if kids are to be dangerous in various ways, isn't it sensible to make the access to toothpicks difficult for the non-thinking?

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